Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What's Your Flavor

What happens when we reach our goal weight? What will we obsess over when we know longer have to worry about losing...just maintaining? Will that become our new obsession? Getting on the scale everyday to make sure the scale hasnt moved up?

Will our weight always be on our brains? Does it have to be to stay healthy? Doesn't it seem all a little overwhelming at times?


  1. all the time...I seem overwhelmed now all the time...but I got fat because before I didnt care at all and so now I dont mind obsessing over it because I dont want to ever go back to not caring.

  2. Thats better - I can comment again - my comp chucked a spaz lol. I hear you on the obsessing part - remember I wrote about it on my blog in the early days.. but somehow this is a different kind of obsessing, a good kind. I was laying in bed thinking this very thing the other night. Once we reach goal, we have to keep up the fills etc forever .. we still have a long life ahead of us... and I find that a little overwhelming.. yet not so much I would ever change anything. Screwed up? Yeah lol no doubt.

  3. I made it to my goal weight last year (not by choice) but I got lazy. I couldve maintained it but I felt like, "hey, i got here so Im sure I'll stay here" 20 lbs later - I was wrong :)

  4. Hey, Amy...I just realized we haven't heard anything from Yanetsy at Journey to a new life for a long time. Her blog is closed or at leat the posts are not open. Her last post 5 months ago said she was under stress...just wondering if you knew if she was OK?

  5. Rachel...I am glad that you comment and read my blog. You are one of the "normal" people you know! lol...scary thought yes? But it is nice to get another perspective.

    Linda-Yanetsy just commented on one of my posts the other day. I had been wondering where she went so I will try and find out!

    Mary-I hear you! I will try to think of it that way.

    Cara-will our brains ever give us a break. Sigh...I think I already know the answer.

  6. I just think of it being a relief. I want to get there and stay there, sure... but once I get a certain number, why not go for toning? Why not learn a new physical activity? (I am now thinking about enrolling in a dance class after reading about how much you dance. I'm not graceful in that way. I'd love to learn some more poise, even though I've always been praised about my posture, go figure.)