Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Things I Do Well

So I thought I would make a positive post. Sometimes we have a tendancy to be a little bleak (note my previous post) and forget all the good we are doing. Let us start with the nutrition/food/band related good:

  • I drink tons of water a day. Probably on average...120 ounces at least. It has a placebo effect for me and I feel better with each bottle.
  • I have gotten better at saying no to the junk. When my five little fingers hover ever so gently over the oreo package or pringles can...I can now stop and ask myself "Amy...what will this do for you? Does it help you reach your goal? Will it give you anything nutritionally?" And if the answer is no...I can walk away (more often then not).
  • I eat loads more fruits and veggies then pre-band. I eat fruit 3-4 times a day.
  • I rarely eat fast food.
  • I bring my lunch to work everyday.
  • I eat my protein first.
  • I take my vitamins.
  • I weigh myself everyday, and no longer get discouraged if the scale doesnt move EVERYDAY in the right direction...because I know it will soon.
  • I can share my story with others.
  • I cook with healthier ingredients.
  • When I shop, I dont even buy junk bc I know if it is in the house...I will be tempted.

Here are some good things I do in life:

  • I love with my whole heart.
  • I make people laugh.
  • I am creative and childish at times...which makes me a fav with kids.
  • I swim like a mermaid. You wouldn't expect such a big girl to have that kind of endurance.
  • I love to give.
  • Even though I talk A LOT...I am a great listener.
  • I am a pretty good cook, and thanks to the Food Network...I am getting better.
  • I try not to get bogged down with the "what ifs" in life bc life is do damn unpredictable that what we worries about never happens and what we never think about always does!
  • I am flexible (physically).
  • I am a good daughter.
  • I am quick and witty.

Here are some things that I could improve on. Just because I believe in full disclosure:

  • I could exercise more.
  • I have a tendency to not say what is really bothering me...and then I harvest it inside until it comes out like a 5-headed dragon ready to devour flesh.
  • I can get stuck in "my way is the right way and only way mentality".
  • I tend to settle (I am thinking professionally)
  • I can't spell. LOL...I blame spell check. I was great in elementary school...damn computers!
  • I should wear more sunscreen.
  • I have let the best friendship in the world drift apart.
  • Sometimes my mouth needs a filter for my brain.

Well there you go. Now...who is next? (you share what YOU are good at)


  1. what a great post Amy! you are an awesome person!!!...we still need to get togeather and go to the beach!!!! I need to work on my tan so I can catch up to your tan LOL

  2. Wow... that is a lot to respond too! But, I will just say that you are also a damn good blogging buddy! :-)

  3. Sarah! how I heart thee! I didnt mean who is next to tell me what I am good at...I want you to tell me what YOU are good at :)

  4. I'm glad I found your blog. You put so much out there for us to read and ponder over it's always fun.. and a time for examination of ourselves. Nice work sunshine :) You are going great guns (will try to make a list of these things myself.. hmm lol)

  5. thanks for the info! I really like your blog! I'll keep you updated! mccall

  6. Though we have never met, I like many others think of you as a FRIEND! YOu are one cool chick.

  7. Thanks Cara! And Mccall...welcome to blog land! Check out all the other bloggers as well bc their stories are great!

    Linda O-We are sisters from another mister for sure! lol

  8. Lives drift at times but always know that you are close to my heart!

  9. I am a really awesome mom. I get down on myself too much about it, but when everyone I meet comes up to me and tells me how great my daughter is and when she chases me around the house with my slip-on shoes saying that we need to get my walk in for the day before it's too dark and she picks dandelions and offers them to me to makes wishes on... well, the proof that I'm doing the right thing is in the result.

    I have a short attention span and I fidget a lot and people always think that I'm not listening to them when they ask for my focused attention. However, I am able to regurgitate back to them what they were saying, even days or weeks later and ask them if they've resolved their issue or if they need any more help. People always are surprised at my odd tendency to remember stuff I guess I should forget (or that they expect me to) and there's always this look on their faces like I won brownie points because no one else cared to remember. I don't know how I do it, I just do.

    I can ask people about 5 questions about themselves or their feelings about certain things and tell them which movie they should watch. Because I watch so many movies, usually it's something more obscure that they've never heard of and after they've seen it, I usually hear, "That was one of the best movies I've ever seen." (Even if I personally hated the movie, I know when certain people will eat them up.) When Keanu Reeves first appeared in the movie River's Edge, I told everyone he was going to be a huge movie star and they all laughed at me. Heh. I showed them.

    I am an equal opportunity foodie. I've never had a problem eating too little of any food, especially fruits and veggies. My grandfather worked in produce, taught me how to pick everything when it was in season and ripe and said "There are no vegetables that people 'hate.' They just don't know how to pick them or how to cook them." Of course, I could also write a sonnet on the wonderful taste, texture and ravishing glory that is Nutella spread.

    I need to work on not getting ahead of myself. I need reasonable goals. I need to figure out a way to not "love" myself more or better but accept myself as being pretty damn special and not constantly go out of my way in some demented scheme to prove it to everyone else, hoping that proof will eventually rub off on me.