Monday, April 8, 2013

5 Weeks Of Good Behavior

Tomorrow will be the 5 week mark  for my current stretch of good behavior.  5 weeks of making healthy choices.  That's probably a record for me.  Even in the beginning of my lap-band know I enjoyed the two weeks of being "perfect" followed by several days of oreos and cheeto binges.  Feast or famine my friends.  Feast or famine.

But so far so good.  I am 17 pounds down from my highest.  Today I weighed in at 176.6. The last couple of weeks have not leant themselves to much movement on the scale, but I haven't been discouraged.  I truly believe that right now in my weight loss journey, I need to be 98% consistent with my drink, diet, and exercise or else my body won't lose. 

But I haven't felt that deprived.  There are no "hard rules" to what I am doing, except no soda.  But even that wasn't a hard rule at the beginning.  I was just going to try and cut back.  I haven't had any fast food either.  I am still trying to focus on water, water, water...bringing my own lunch to work, snacking a LOT less, drinking a LOT less (maybe one or two beers on the weekend, but only in social situations), upping my cardio (which basically means 2-a-days several times a week), and trying to stay away from processed foods.

With that said, I did enjoy some mega-stuffed oreos at our friends house on Saturday night.  But that's okay.  I was okay with it.  If the scale didn't move this morning (Monday's are my official weigh in days), I would know why.

I also ordered a bikini from Victoria's Secret.  I have tried their swimsuits before, but usually their bottoms are cut so low that my belly skin likes to dangle over the top.  But the bottoms I got are fold over, so you can adjust the coverage.  And the top is a push up, which is beyond wonderful for my saggy old sock cha-cha's.

Fisher, Heather's little cousin, came and stayed with us over his spring break (that is his little butt crack below), and all the pictures from that weekend in my bikini dont really bother me.  I can handle my stomach...and my cellulite.

Cellulite is the devil.

The water is a tad cold still.  Hence the face below.

 Now with the picture below, I want you to look very closely at the skin beneath my boobies.   Can you see the tan zone in the middle, flanked by lighter areas on the outside of the tan area?  Do you know what the lighter skin is from?

Well, let me tell you.  You know how we like to sunbathe, in the nudie, in our backyard?  Well, those white marks of from my boobs hanging down!  Seriously...

 This is my friend Nathan and I practicing our toe points.  Obviously he needs more practice.
 And here is a picture I love.  We went to see the Blue Angels practice when Fisher was here.  The stranger holding my camera did a great job.  Do you see my Tervis tumbler of water?  I've been hauling that thing with me every where.  The straw is the key.
 And finally, this is what I have to live with.  And boy do I love it...but's kinda ridiculous.  Yesterday when we were going to a baseball game, Heather asked me "Do I look fat". To which I replied "No"....without even looking.  She said "you didn't even LOOK"...I said "you never look fat.  Now stop talking to me".  lol