Friday, July 10, 2009

A Shopping Depression

Well ladies. I am blue. I just don't know where to start.

First, let me update you on my clothing situation. I am doing good with tops. I have purchased probably 7-8 new tops over the last couple of weeks, both for work and for home. But I am having such a time finding bottoms for either work or home. Do you know how Lane Bryant has "right fit pants" now, you are either blue, yellow, or red. Well I am red, meaning my pants usually gap in the waist but fit in the thigh. Lane Bryant are the only slacks I wear because not only do I need the right fit, I am short and need petite. I am now in a 4 petite red. All I wear is black because stupid Lane Bryant doesnt make the right fit houston slacks in a colors...except online, and for the last 6 months they have only had colors in like size 9. Whatever. With that said, although I love LB slacks in the right size...I pretty much am beginning to loathe them.

Our local store is managed by this older blonde hair lady that is like a size 4. WHAT? Makes no sense. She has a horrible attitude and the worst customer service. They lose my money all the time. Once, I went in a dressing room and set on the padded stool/chair thing and a nail was sticking up and went right into my butt! It made me bleed. I went and told stupid lady and she didnt even apologize. The next time I went in the store, I went and checked...the damn thing was still there.

I emailed corporate.

Many moons ago when I worked at LB I rocked. I love helping people shop. I would bring you things to the dressing room, get your size for you...none of that at this store. And while the slacks fit, nothing else really does. I swear their clothes are made for people who are 5'8". There dresses are always to billowy and shapeless...

I need a strapless bra. Have you guys noticed how all the cute tops this summer have little straps or weird straps. Well, I am in a size 40DDD. And guess what?! The strapless bras at LB only go to DD. WHAT! So I tried a 40DD on and it was okay...but sorta gave me pancake boobs. And who wants flapjacks for titties? Not me. I was ripe melons.

So, I got nothing at LB. I went to Dillards bc Mary told me their womens section was having a sale. I didnt even know they had a women's section. I got 2 tops, but nothing great. It is sort of an odd clothing section at dillards bc the shape of a lot of their plus sized clothing is billowy and for the geriatric generation, but not the print on them. Very odd. I don't know who their audience is.

I did however walk through the purse section. Listen. This is serious now. I love purses. Do you know?

Bc purses fit no matter how big your butt is.

Back in the day when I used to have credit cards, Hold me back Mary Kate and Ashley...I would tear up the purse section at Dillards. Now that I pay cash for everything, I am resigned to shopping for purses at Target or TJMAXX. The most I have ever paid for a purse was probably $130...which really isn't a lot. And for those of you who say there is no difference in $10 purse from Walmart and a designer have never owned a designer purse. There is a difference. OH the material, the stitching, the smell, the feel. I walked through the purse section today and my body has a physical reaction...I get goosebumps and tingle...nippies get hard. (does this happen to you)...I make soft noises and blow kisses at the fine hand bags. I love them. I miss them....someday we shall be together again.

The point of this long winded story? No pants for Amy. I also need some Bermuda length black shorts. Anything shorter on me, my crotch tries to eat them when I walk.

On the plus side (ahahahaha...that's a pun and I didnt even mean it to be), I have lost the weight from the weekend and I am doing well.

This weekend we are going to hang some drywall...I will save the state of our house for another post.

Tracey's 25th hs reunion is finally next week!


  1. I did'nt get a chance to go to dillards someone told me that they were having that sale, but nobody likes old people clothes. boooo...

    I Love Love Love Purses too[not quite as much as you tho. LOL]...I think the most Ive ever spent on a purse was like 40 dollars. Now Ive seen some purses Ive wanted but could have never gotten because they were to expensive.

    I dont like bad customer service either I would have so email corprate as well!

  2. I know...but those purses were when I could put them on credit and then worry about it later. I had a nice purse but no cash in it. :)

  3. they sell those right fit pants at Catherine's too. sometimes you can find a lot of the smaller sizes there b/c most of the people who shop there are bigger than those that shop at LB.

    they have them in black, blue, brown, and i think tan.

    might be worth checking out or surfing to

  4. Oh Amy... hang in there sister! I hear you on the whole LB thing - I've historically been a size 4 blue - but they never have anything in my size. Haven't been there lately, so I'm not sure. But the only time I've ever found pants there that fit other than black or jeans are seriously the most obnoxious patterns I've ever seen. They might be okay for an old man on the golf course, but not for these thighs.

    As for the strapless bra - I found an AWESOME one at Wal-Mart of all places - mine is a 40DD - didn't notice if they have DDD, but worth checking.

    Keep your chin up and your pocket book by your side - you'll get there!


  5. Oh I will def look at Catherines. I have never even been in the store...but now that you have reminded me...I have seen the signs hanging in their window. Sarah...I will check walmart out. What brand?

  6. I'm glad I read these comments, I will have to check Catherine's also. I totally feel for you, Amy. As much as we look forward to not shopping at Lane Bryant, I am actually dreading not being able to. I started as a size 6 blue tall, and I am now a 1 blue tall. I started hunting pants in regular sizes, because I was unsure of what I was going to do if I lost another 20 lbs. Dangit, finding talls is hard enough, but then getting them to fit is not possible. I can wear an 18L from gap, but then it has a HUGE gap in the back that I have to dart up cuz my butt is bigger than normal. In tops, I am having problems, cuz the girls aren't shrinking. Started as a 44DDD and now, I kid you not, I am wearing a 40G. Jeez, I can't win. My band size is going down from the weight loss, but my actual breasts are just as big as ever. Wearing misses tops aren't possible because of my boobs. :(
    Well, I will be shopping at LB tomorrow since the $50 gift cheque email arrived! Have you tried the skinny jeans in right fit yet? and if so, how do you like them?

  7. Have you tried Old Navy? WHhn I was in plus, I loved their khaki's for work in a short length (I am only 5'3").

  8. lol I can't comment on any of these stores as we don't have them here... sigh.. BUT I totally get the handbag fetish. The most beautiful bag I ever owned was a Fendi.. it was just SO pretty and I used it to death.... (don't worry It had a lovely burial. Seriously, I would rather pay good money for a handbag too.. as my walk in robe will attest I also have too many handbags (is there ever such a thing? and MOTH will go "You really need another handbag?" Im like "Hello!. I don't have a purple one so this is perfect, got a problem with that? (he does.. but whos listening lol)
    You will find something to wear, Amy. It's just a downer day and tomorrow will look better. Congrats on the continued weight loss. You are really kicking butt in that department.

  9. My daughter had to come see what I was reading and laughing so hard over. I do love purses also, but haven't really ever expended serious money for one. I love TJMaxx for purses too. have a great weekend, at least working on the drywall will be something close to working out!

  10. I have a small problem with Coach purses... I should really take a picture of my collection. I should start shopping in my own closet... eek!

  11. ok so I've also been frustrated with LB in my area lately! they have just gotten kind of snobby and NEVER want to let me in a dressing room. also you can get right fit pants at fashion bug in plus and missy sizes. they aren't the same exact styles but they are the same idea. also I do hate LB's tops they NEVER fit right!

    And the rule of thumb for bras is that you can go down in a cup size if you go up in a band size or up in a cup size if you go down in a band size. so if you are a 40DDD try a 42DD instead and it should work.

    oh and finally I too have an obsession with purses! I went to the nordstrom pre-sale for anniversary the other day and saw the new purses they are getting and I about died! hahaha there is one that I really want! My guy friend that came with me gave me so much hell for how excited I was getting being around all those beautiful bags!!!!

  12. I totally feel you on the shopping depression. I stopped shopping at LB loong ago because of it. None of their stuff would fit right plus it cost waaay to dang much! I am seriouly cheap when it comes to shopping. Like I really hate paying more than $15 for anything. So if you have are my stores of choice....Dots, Catos, Target, and Walmart. I stopped paying 40 bucks for bras at LB loong ago! Walmart is the @#$%! The funny thing is you never buy the same size because they all are different.

  13. I am so lucky (in a twisted sort of way) to have a flat white girl ass. I do not sport a full backside. It is square just like the rest of me. My legs are super short, however, so I can relate to needing the "petite" sizing which really just refers to the length of the legs. But even those will sometimes be 2-3 inches too long for my legs. By the time that I whittled my way down to 200 pounds in 2008, I could fit into Torrid's size 14 jeans.

    I also - and this really surprised me - LOVE JLo's jeans. They come in a plus size that I found for a song (average $12.99 - $17.99 a pair) at Burlington Coat Factory, which is a lot like a Marshall's or a TJ Maxx. When I find ones that fit and are that cheap, I'll buy as many pairs as they have on the racks if I can afford to do so. I have them in the "to wear again" pile" and hopefully can even move lower down beyond them.

    But mainly I live in Walmart's XL Danskin stretch pants that are meant for working out but I find comfortable for any day of the week. I LOATHE going to Walmart, so again, I save up and do one trip every 3-4 months or so, longer if I can keep my rubbing together thighs from wearing holes in the seams.

    I am having the worst gas today. I'm now more than 48 hours out from having the surgery and my shoulder is hurting less, but all the gas is stuck in my esophagus tonight and it HURTS. I was happy to start getting some damn farts out today. Oh, what a glorious feeling those gave me. I want more of those and less of the burping. Or LACK of burping. Hell, if I could burp right now I'd be happy.