Thursday, July 16, 2009

No Creative Title, My Brain is Broke

Today I went and gave blood. I got to use the Alyx machine which takes platelets or something and then pumps my plasma back into me. It takes longer and feels a little weird, but it was just fine!

Can you see the little tiny bumps/pimples on my forehead in that picture? HMMM...not good and this is a new development. I am running out of my face meds and have a dermatologist appt scheduled next I will ask her what is up.

Also, I am taking a new multi vitamin. I started with Flintstone chewables. Gross. Then moved to Flintstone gummies...but if you remember they were not enough for one or two, so I would take 4 and had poopy was none. So, I ran out and didnt get more of those. Then I bought these.

When I heard softgel I was picturing something small and round. Instead...I got this big boy.

That is a horse pill for a girl who isnt even supposed to be swallowing pills!

It goes down just fine though. But since I have started taking them again, along with my prenatals I was taking for hair loss....well.....things have slowed down in the pipes again. I prob need to stop taking the prenatals, but I love what they do for my nails. I heard that I can get vitamins just for hair and nails and those probably would contain too much iron, etc that seems to be stopping me up!

I know you were dying to know! lol....


  1. I take the liquid Centrum and its awesome. no pills!! Im scared of them getting stuck especially if I would take that huge one!!!

  2. Did the prenatals help with your hair loss. I've got to do something quick!

  3. i never noticed any help with my soft nails while taking prenatals while pregnant. i wonder if they would now that i am not growing a person.

  4. I started back taking just Biotin by itself for my hair. This is the same thing thats in the Hair Skin and Nails vitamin that you get from GNC its just a smaller pill. It does work too. I need to thicken my hair back up because I have lost quite a bit too because I dont even take my flintstone vit on a regular basis.

    Oh yeah! have fun at Tracy's reunion...that's this weekend right?

  5. I posted that the reunion was this weekend but I was confused! hahaha...nothing out of the ordinary there. It is NEXT weekend.