Monday, July 27, 2009

The Sunkist and Cheese Monster Lurks in My Heart

I have brought shame upon the family.

The bandster family.

I gained 4 pounds over the course of this long weekend. hahhahah 4 pounds! Ladies...I just don't know how you can gain 4 pounds so damn fast when it takes so long to lose them. Oh wait...yes I do....

You eat:

Peach Cobbler
Cheese Cubes
Sunkist (fully loaded, not diet, I drank 2 cans).

You dont:

drink your water
stop snacking
make healthy choices

damn. But now the parents are gone, and all the snacks are gone too. I am back at work, drinking my water, not snacking, planning my meals, and going to workout. I am not upset. I will lose it this week I hope.

But here is the alarming thought....

I have pretty good restriction. When I eat the proper food (protein meats, etc) I get full and sometimes get stuck. But...the band doesnt do much for all the junk. If I can gain 4 pounds in as many days WITH the just goes to show that this is not the easy way out! So take that nay-sayers! But with THAT you ever wonder if the band is more placebo than anything?

For sure I wouldnt have lost 84...oops...80 pounds in 6 months if not for the surgery. And yes the band stops me from overeating at meals. And I love doubt...dont regret it for a second...but sometimes I wonder. We know the band doesnt work for everyone. So does it come down to believing in the band? Or believing in yourself? Or both?

Ouch-this makes my head hurt. Too much thinking for a Monday! Just wanted to share!


  1. I have often wondered.. "did they just give me 5 cuts and TELL me there's a band? maybe they really just implanted a port to no where and it's all in my head...."

    Then I have to stop and think about how I feel when I eat. How things get stopped up and much LESS I can eat... even less JUNK when I eat it. When I'm in an "eat junk" kind of mood there's no stopping me so SOMETHING must be doing it!!!

    Today's a new day! :)

  2. My husband and I have been debating whether or not the placebo is in effect with the band. He even joked about having the surgeon cut a few holes in my belly and not telling me to see what happened. I would be interested to hear other bandsters thoughts as well.

  3. Far out! This seems to be a common thought then. I was thinking that exact same thing when I was changing yesterday and caught sight of my scars.. maybe the band was all a dream and Doc never really put one in there. Then I thought, nahh, look at the people who have xrays to check the thing inside lol. Are we all mental, or what?
    Don't stress about the pounds too much, Amy. One thing we all do - band or no band - is gain a little every now and then .. Jeez I'm the Queen at that. You're back on the wagon today, so watch it now fly off again.

  4. I think in this instance (the "good" foods versus the "naughty" foods), it boils down to you taking your time in eating them.

    Just a random guess, but I bet you slowly ate those naughty snacks, savoring them, thinking about how good they tasted and that you weren't going to have any more when they were gone, so you'd better get the most out of them then... so you chewed and let the flavors dance on your tastebuds and everything was liquid by the time you swallowed and went down easily.

    But the good foods, there's this pressing need to make sure you're getting the right stuff in, the right amount of protein, not too many calories, not too much fat... and it's less fun to eat. There's less to savor because there's no naughty rebellion going down with that bite. So you're eating faster to get it done and over with... and getting stuck.

    I'm reaching at this point, but I'm feeling like this is how I would be treating it in your position at this point.