Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My favorite food container

Granted, not the most interesting post....but this little guy is such a great thing to have for portion control. I bring my lunch in it most days. It is a Tupperware container and holds exactly one cup of food. Today I brought some pulled bbq chicken. Sometimes it hold spagehetti, or chicken salad, or something along those lines. It was Tracey's long before I got the band, and didnt even know it held just one cup...until recently. Its a handy little thing to have to help me with my food!


  1. I have a bunch of containers that hold either 1/2 a cup, or a whole cup... now I just have to start using them!!! (lol)

  2. Ill have to find one now! LOL

  3. Do you guys know what is the bomb about this one? You can heat whatever you want up in it and it never stains the container! I love that.