Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just When I Was Saying...

That I dont have temptation in my house (except for Tracey myself...meow) mother went to the grocery store. They are staying with us for the week. When I got home from work yesterday this is what I saw:
White powdered sugar donuts
Strangers holding lollipops trying to lure me into their van
I LOVE CRUNCHY CHEETOS. My mother knows this. I love white powdered sugar donuts. But just to let you know...I have not eaten any of it. Not one bite. I didnt eat the package of oreos either. I just lean back against the counter and drink my bottle of water and stare.
Just smile and wave boys. Smile and wave.
If you have ever seen Madagascar and the will recognize that line.


  1. Nice... the smiling and waving - not the Cheetos! MOM - wassup girl?!?!? Keep strong Amy - you can do it!

  2. I love me some puffy cheetos!! that chester guy sure knows how to tempt me!!

    Good girl, Amy.. keep that water in your hands.

  3. How awesome are you?! I was surrounded by temptation on vacation this weekend and sadly I can't say that I was as strong as you! Back on the wagon again now though.

    Madagascar is hilarious! I love that movie!

  4. Good Job Amy!!! stay strong, all I do is think How many calories are in what I eat and I dont eat the bad stuff!!!

  5. I loooove white powdered sugar donuts. I used to live near the Enntemann's(sp?) factory on Long Island and the smell was incredible.

    We don't have them here in Canada.


  6. Holy cow, are you focused or what? So great! Wish we all had that 'don't bring the shitty, incredibly yum looking, smelling even better' food off switch. Then maybe we wouldn't be where we are lol. Food (s'cusi the pun) for thought?

  7. Wow, you are awesome!!

    The crunchy cheetos wouldn't bother me (I only like puffy) but the donuts...yum.

  8. "Aye Aye, Captain!"

    (Oh, and I could pass up the white powdered donuts but if she'd brought Hostess cinnamon rolls where the icing gets all drippy and crispy on the sides of the paper holding it up, I'd be a goner.)