Thursday, July 30, 2009

To You New Lapbanders!

I posted this several moons ago on LBT in the Introductions section. I wanted to share with newbies a couple of things I have learned since being banded. I thought I would post it here, now, since we have several blogger friends just getting ready to embark on Lapband Airlines!

Welcome all newly banded, soon to be banded, or bandsters new to the site. I was thinking this morning, now that I am a little over 3 months out, I could share some information with those of you just beginning your journey. Some of this is kinda common sense, and some of it is info I wish I had understood better before the band.

1. before get very far into your journey, take some measurements. I forgot to do this and now I wish I had my beginning measurements. This is good, bc sometimes when the scale is not are still losing inches! SO MEASURE YOURSELF!

2. Take some before pictures. I take pictures all the time, but I know some people hate the way they look presurg. But you will wish you had some before pictures after you start losing :) It's only going to get better afterall!

3. This is really important. And I didnt have a clear grasp on it before surgery. After surgery, and after you will still be hungry. AND most likely, you will still be able to eat whatever whenever you want. The period after banding and before you first fill is referred to as BANDSTER HELL. It's hell because you have to rely on willpower. What's that you say? I know I know...if we were good at "dieting" then we wouldnt need the band. But for a few weeks at least, prepare yourself to practice restraint. Just bc you can eat it...don't.

4. Know that after surgery, and when you start to eat mushies and real food. Your weight loss will probably stop for a week or so. Your body is going from a really low calorie liquid diet to actual food. It needs time to adjust. So dont get discouraged or give up. Hold on, watch what you eat...and more importantly...start moving.

5. Which brings me to this one. Exercise. It doesnt have to be anything huge! I started walking and I HATE walking. But I set a goal for myself. I wanted to do a 5k. I started walking 1 mile. The next week I added 1/2 a mile and so on. In March, 2 months after my surgery I did my first 5k. Is was a nonscale victory (NSV). Exercising will help your scale start moving again, and even when it appears you arent dropping pounds, you are changing the shape of your body.

6. Start a blog. It's pretty easy. Blogger is one great one. The link to my blog is in my signature. If you go check it out, you will see all of the other ladies that blog. Blogging or reading blogs lets you get to know fellow bandsters on a more personal level and see progress and share experiences.

7. When you go to your doctor ASK QUESTIONS! That's what they are there for...and that's what we (or our insurance) is paying them for.

8. Realize that all doctors are different. You will learn that really quickly on this site. We all have different instructions.

9. Dont be afraid to call and ask your doc if you can change something, move to the next phase sooner..etc. All they can do is tell you know.

10. FILLS! Most of us dont feel any restriction after our first fill. I didnt feel anything until my 3rd fill. My doc is pretty aggressive with fills, if that's what his patients want. I had 4ccs my first fill. I called back bc it didnt do anything for me and went in 2 weeks later for my second fill. He gave me 1.5cc's. Still didnt feel much so I called and went back in one week later and got .5cc's. That has held me for over a month now.And finally.

11. Love yourself! Dont be ashamed of the band. It is a TOOL. You DO have to work at it. You CAN cheat it. IT IS NOT THE EASY WAY OUT! Be proud of who you are and who you are becoming!

Hope some of this helps!--Amy


  1. You should routinely post this every month or so on lapbandtalk and preface it that it is a repost. The advice is wonderful and would be very relevant to every new bandster. The advice about measuring and before pics is great and something I never thought of prior to banding. I hid from the camera AND the tape measures. I DO, however, have my khakis and jeans I wore prior to banding, and I plan on taking pics in them since I am a year out. It is very enlightening.

    Dangit, I wish I had a true before pic of me, but we have had that conversation before. :/

  2. Brilliant post, Amy.
    I didn't know it took three fills for you before you felt restriction. It means I'm not so unusual not feeling much after my 2nd. I have also toyed about ringing Doc because it's a month between my 2nd and 3rd fill and I don't know if I can hang out that long.

  3. I was a brand new newbie on LBT when you posted this and it helped me so much!!! I took a ton of pics (still do) and did all my measurements. I lost 18 lbs the 2 wks after surgery and lost a ton of inches. The new 4 wks I did not lose a pound, but continued to lose inches through my exerise! Thank god for measurements! Oh btw, your pics in the yellow tank top of your amazing! It looks like u lost 150 lbs already!!!

  4. Hi Amy!I've been following your blog for awhile and leaving messages here and there(and trying to figure out how I could get my blog to be half as interesting as yours):). Anyway, I actually remember reading this post on LBT well before my surgery when I was down and battling with my surgeons office and being really impressed with your weight loss - it lifted my spirits. Anyway, I had no idea it was you until I read your post today.
    Anyway- sorry for the long comment- but just wanted to officially say "Hi" and thanks.

  5. Hi!
    Just found your blog (via Jen's, I think).....LOVE IT! So cheerful and cute and inspirational and supportive!
    Keep up the great work!

  6. Linda, Liz, and Judi! Thank you so much!

    I was under the impression that the day after surgery I would only be able to eat the amount they show you BEFORE surgery, with that little 1 ounce cup...and its so not true. I still dont have to sip my water, unlike what the nutritionist told me.