Monday, July 6, 2009

I showed those cookies a thing or 2!

Okay. So this weekend reminded me a lot of Easter Weekend. It's always dangerous in Alabama, lounging in the sun on a boat. Lots of snacks to be had. I ate just fine for my meals...nothing too much, nothing too bad. ITS THAT DAMN SNACKING that gets me! Oreos were the death of me. And chips.

I gained 2.5 pounds and even was an honest girl and changed my ticker to reflect that. I will lose it, it's just too bad bc I was getting close to 80 pounds. It's also a shame that when temptation is staring me in the face...I shove it down my throat :) I do good at home bc I don't bring the bad stuff into the house. Which is good! But if it's just in front of me...well hells bells mary...I must eat it!


  1. Oh, I totally understand!!! Those temptations can be tough cookies - no pun intended!

  2. You sound like me and ice cream...always my weak spot. It's okay though, just get up, dust yourself off and keep plowing along!

  3. Here's my dilemma: I have a 9 year old that I don't want to give eating issues to. I have a skinny boyfriend who ONE time in his life was overweight but now only puts on a few pounds if he has a poo backed up in him. The both of them can eat and burn off their calories. I don't like the idea of denying them their snacks (even if they are both super sensitive to my needs and non-needs with the band and claim to not want certain foods anymore). I can't help it if I'm at the 99 Cent Only Stores (do you have those where you are?) and they'll get a close-out of something good and name brand like Fig Newton crunchy cookies or Wheat Thins. I feel like I HAVE to provide my family with the food that they earn by having good metabolisms. But I'm scared that I might try and eat the stuff in private even more so with the band because I wouldn't want them to find out I wasn't doing as I should. Gah! So many worries, so much time to deal with them, but I'm having flashforwards. Ugh.