Monday, July 27, 2009

I forgot to mention...

Today is my six month bandiversary. 8o pounds down. (should have been more but damn that cobbler was good!)


  1. Six months have passed
    Since Amy met Tina
    Twenty four weeks
    of life-changing demeanor

    This favorite of ours
    Loves sunkist and pie
    It makes little difference
    She's now 'Super Fly'

    Eighty pounds down
    With no sign of stopping
    The next cheer is for goal weight
    Chill the champagne for popping

    Congrats so far!! Whooo

  2. Wow!! Nice poem. Amy you have some competition!!! Happy Bandiversary!!! My six month just passed as well and I can't help but imagine where I'll be on my 1 year Bandiversary. 40 pounds the first 6 months and I hope for another 20-30 if I'm lucky. I imagine the first 1/2 comes off a little easier then the last part. Best of luck to you!!!

  3. Happy Bandiversary. Congratulations for 80lb loss, that is fantastic Amy.

  4. Congrats Amy!! You look amazing. Loved your comment about my friends blowing are absolutely right about that one!

  5. 80lbs! That is so awesome! In 6 months! You should be SO proud of all your hard work!

  6. WAY TO GO, Amy!!

    you are such an inspiration.

  7. Thanks everyone! It seems like forever ago and just like yesterday! If that makes any sense! Here is to the next 6 months! Woohoo1

    And Cara-I bow to you. You win the pottery prize! I am going to print that off and hang it up at work! Heartchu!

  8. Can't even compare to Cara... but congratulations amy!!! Good for you... 80 pounds to be VERY proud of my friend! And to do it in 6 months is awesome.

  9. Dash said (and rhythmed) it all!!!

    Congrats on the bandiversary. You are an inspiration and a hulluva lot of fun to read :-)