Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pictures for Everyone

Just thought I would share some pictures from Sunday at my sisters.

Tracey showing off the results of bootcamp. Gotta love all 136 pounds of him!

Sissy and Tracey posing!

Pretty pool time. My dad is in the background doing who know's what.

Sissy, Tracey, and Jeremiah


  1. Great pics Amy! :-) Looks like all were having a blast.

  2. Looks like they were having a great time! I Love pool time so does Seylena... :o)

  3. He's scratching his head going... NOW what is that girl doing? lol Great pics Amy

  4. Um, hotness!

    You guys are so cute (and amazingly photogenic).

  5. Just wanted to say that I read through all your blog entries yesterday and you put a huge smile on my face. I am scheduled for surgery for the lap band next Friday and you are making me feel like I can do it and that this may actually work for me!!

    Thank you and keep up the blogging!!!

  6. Thanks girls! And scotgrl75...thanks for reading through all of my ramblings! Best of luck with your lapband! you can always email or if you start a blog let us all know so we can follow your journey!

  7. 136? Holy scrapper, batman! Well, I'll just have to console myself with the fact that one day I'll weigh less than Steve, but never less than Tracey.

  8. sexyyyy tracey!!

    :) Kids look like they miss their parents, hehe :) Glad you enjoyed!!