Monday, July 27, 2009

So Lynn mentioned this on her blog and I have been meaning to post about this since I first saw the commercial over a month ago.

There is a new reality show called More To Love coming on tomorrow night on FOX. Here it is in a nutshell. It is The Bachelor for fat people. But it is more then that. The first time I saw the commercial...poor Tracey....I just started going off on a rant. I used to love watching The Bachelor, but I used to hate that in the group of 25 women...there were NEVER any big girls. Not a one. Basically it was 23 skinny white chicks with one Asian girl and maybe one African American girl thrown in so they could say they had a "diverse" group. No fluffy girls though.

So I guess that Fox thinks is the right thing to do. Make a show with JUST big girls. And do you know what their "bachelor" looks like? He is fat too! For my friends not in the US, click on that link above. He is a decent looking guy...but seriously?

It is like they are saying the only kind of guys that can love fat girls are fat guys! What should have happened is that ABC should start putting some girls with some sort of body fat on their Bachelor show. I get that it's a catch 22. If Fox would have put a tall, dark and handsome "thin" guy on would have looked staged and he would have been labeled a chubby chaser. I guess they shouldnt have even made this damn show!

Needless to say I won't be watching. I also don't respond very well to watching fellow fuller sisters cry about how they can't find love because they are fat. I don't believe that. I didnt believe that when I was single either. That is an excuse.

What I WOULD like to know is where all these girls got their cute dressy dresses? HMMM?

On second thought, maybe I will watch to see if they show them in swimsuits and doing the "normal" things that they do on the Bachelor. I just dont know if I can do it.


  1. I plan to watch because I'm a reality show addict, nothing more to it.

    I agree with you 100%... I have NEVER had the attitude that I couldn't get a guy I wanted because I was big. In fact, before my husband I dated ALL thinner men. He was thinner when I met him but that's another story ;) I'm confident in myself no matter what size... all there is to it. These girls need therapy.

  2. AMEN ladies!!! i never thought my weight kept me from dating and it sure didn't keep me from landing a husband.

    i think you are right tiffani- it's all about the confidence.

  3. Amy, lapbandtalk has been showing you lots of love the last few days. You photo album has popped up 3 different times when I logged in! They think you look great too!

    Oh, and I have told you before, my man is thinner too. Well, he was about 130 when we married, but is 150 now...what can I say?, I like to cook!

  4. I've been wondering about this show too. Not sure if I should be offended or glad they're showing plus size women(as a side show, granted)- I'm leaning toward offended. Curious to see if they'll force them to eat cookies and milkshakes by the pool.

    Amy - you look gorgeous in the reunion pictures.

  5. We have a show that's just started here called 'Dance Your Ass Off." which is a cross between Dancing with the Stars and The Biggest Loser. It's probably old news where you live now but OMG when I saw it being advertised I almost fell over backward. I was like.. "What the hell?" ... all these big girls shaking their booty and it's like they're making a sport out of it. Sounds off to me. Even the title puts me off. What's the world coming to I wonder when they put big girls on display with the purpose they can do anything their smaller, skinner counterparts can do. It fairly pisses me off. Of course they bloody can!!

  6. OK so not so popular opinion alert... I think my weight does hold me back. Or used to, before my minor Trampage began. But I think it was my COMPLETE lack of confidence that kept, and really at this point, is still keeping me single. But at the same time, I know of at least one good guy who has said he'd be totally into me if it weren't for my size. That just blows.

  7. I may watch an episode to see what it is all about. Although I can see where it may turn me off. The weight really shouldn't be an issue in matters of love and the heart.

  8. Cara-I dont think that show has made it to the US yet...if it has i missed it for sure! I totally feel you though on it being weird!

    Angie-I also hear what you are saying and totally agree. It is the way WE feel about ourselves and our body image that affects how others see, treat, and respond to us. And you say this "good guy" would be into you if it wasnt for your size? HMMMM....maybe he is attracted to someone smaller but you are hot and not so big it makes me question how good he is! :)