Wednesday, July 22, 2009

20/20 Vision

I did a little lunchtime shopping at Bealls. This is a Florida store...sort of like...I dont me girls...Kohls maybe? Not as wide of variety as Kohls, but similar.

I dont really have the money to go shopping, but I did anyways! I am a throw caution to the wind kind of girl. I still need to go to Catherines to look for the Right Fit pants...maybe this weekend.


I bought 2 pairs of slacks that were on clearance. Not my fave, but only $12.50 they will do. They are regular length, and although someday I will be as tall as Nene...until then I really need short length or else I have man crotch going on. But, I also got 2 great pair of Bermuda shorts. One black cotton and the other jean material. I dont usually condone jean shorts for my body, but these are a slim cut (a slim cut size 20 is kinda an oxymoron yes?). They are cute. Not too tight (no muffin top), but should hopefully still fit me in a month and a half when we go on the cruise.

I have Friday off. We are taking our house guests to the beach and then the good old 25 year high school reunion (Tracey's not mine...I just had my 10 year and did not go)! We will take pictures of course.

Is it the weekend yet?


  1. I wish it was the weekend...

    My Grandma got me a pair of jeans yesterday from Bealls!! size 20!!! yayyyyy!!! lol She said they were having a great sale at the Bealls on Davis, I dont know if thats the one you went too lol.

  2. Oh goodness... weekend time already for me! still a good 6 hours of work to get thru though!

    and in response to your post on my post, Yes triggered by another person's blog... but also from a person who responded her, and some people who post on HIS blog... clearly I don't have enough to do at work! But darn it, just let people do what is right for them and don't judge. Losing battle, that one!

  3. I wish you were taller, just so I could send you all the size 20's I've cleaned out of my closet. All Lame Giant, all businesswear. Sucktastic.

  4. And the previous word-verifcation that I just had was RONFATI. It's really not nice of them to call Ron a fati.

  5. I'm going to have to start hitting the shops soon too - everything I wear looks like my grandma bought it for me - saggy, baggy and just crap. Scary thought though - I hate having to find out what size I am now lol And you sound like you enjoy clothes shopping as much as me.. Eek.