Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oh how the mighty have fallen...

Well...see what had happened was....when I got home from work tonight...

I had a few cheetos.
And 4 little donuts.

Damn. Oh well! They were tasty! YUM YUM!



  1. You can say you had one of the donuts for me. I love those evil things...

  2. I probably took two more - I'm in damage mode lol. What do cheetos look like? I don't think we have them here.. wonder if we have a version of them called cheezels (cheesy circles, crisp and yum)

  3. You ate one of the donuts for me, too. I can't have them anymore. :(

  4. Uh, I had two donuts myself yesterday and they were all mine! I got an extension on my liquid diet dang it and I'm taking advantage of it all that I want. I did have a sugar crash about 10 am though!

  5. BAH, how'd they jump into your mouth!? NO WAY... I need to find some cheetos that jump into my mouth...

  6. Oh no!!! Those evil little things finally got to you :(

    ..I know I'm late to this one too, but you're posts are too damn funny so I have to comment.

    It's almost like a soap-opera, these donuts and cheetos are in your home to seduce you.
    Don't let them win, girl!!