Monday, July 13, 2009

And hello to you Mr. Monday!

Hi guys! Thanks for all the suggestions on the clothing. I will check out some of those fo' sho!

I lost 6.5 pounds last week. hahaha...I have no idea how that happened. But I will take it. Some of that was the 2.5 pounds I had put on over the holiday, so prob some water weight and such! That puts me at 81 pounds officially. I wanted 80 pounds by my bandiversary in a few weeks, and 90 pounds by Sept. 3 (before the cruise). In typical fashion though, I seem to slow down for a few weeks after a nice loss...but, me even typing that goes against the rules of the Secret (have you read it yet?), so instead I will say...I WILL lose 2 pounds this week!

We hung drywall this weekend. Some parts of the house have been in different levels of rebuild for over 15 years. Now that Tracey feels motivated again and now that I push (just a gentle push), we are slowly making changes. If only money grew on trees!

OH NO! Where are my Safety Glasses?

Got em!

This is how I shampoo a carpet...what about you?


  1. You freaking CRACK ME UP! If anyone was going to vacuum in heels and a cowgirl hat, it would be you. I love it! Glad to see you post... was worried you were still down. Congrats on the 6.5 pounds! You go girl!

  2. i bet Tracey loved that - housework and heels!

    we did have a great time at the pool. And being that we are the whitest family out there we always use SPF 50. though, I think anything over 30 is just false hope.

  3. WTG on the weight loss!!! We are now officially tied, which makes you WAY better than me, cuz my bandiversary is on the loss for me in months. Oh well, it is my own fault. As active as you are, you should continue losing for a while.

  4. You so crazy! Loved the pics, and congrats on the loss! You are so gonna rock on your cruise. Have a great week.

  5. Good Job!! 6.5 pounds??? That's great. I love the pink shoes while carpet cleaning. You crack me up.

  6. Lol Jeez Amy. You're a good pick me up for a Tuesday morning.. I'm still giggling. I was looking at the top pic going.. ok is she showing her nice fingernails? .. nope, it's about glasses, then reached the last pic and totally lost it laughing.
    And what a loss. Holy cow girl!! You hadn't posted in a while (most unlike you) so glad to see you're back. X

  7. You are a riot! Congrats on the 6.5 pounds!!

  8. Girl you are hilarious! and 81 lbs?!?! I'm so jealous!! I have gained umm..yeah some pounds which I will discuss in my blog post shortly so you have passed me once again! Not that we are in a race but I know that I'm doing something if I can keep up with you :-) You are doing great!

  9. Hilarious!! And, great photos!! You are doing so amazingly -- I would be so happy to lose that much in a week!!

    BTW, I thought of a "50" song for you. . :) I put it in the comments section of my 50 post. Hee hee.

    Have a great day!!


  10. Ok...I still love the Pink Heels!!! 6.5lbs!!!81lbs!!!!! thats so awesome girl!!!!!!!