Monday, June 29, 2009

Bad Blogger

I have been a bad blogger this weekend. I have been stalking your blogs and not posting anything. Forgive me! I like to leave a little comment or something bc I know how it feels when it feels like no one is reading...

I have also been pondering about what shall I blog about...I don't want to bore you with the same ol chitter chatter. So...let's just do some random thoughts and see where they lead shall we?

1. Michael Jackson. REALLY? I'm sorry. I just don't get it. I thought maybe it was a generational thing that I dont really care...until I was standing in Smoothie King this morning and some 18 year old was bummed bc she couldnt find a MJ only radio station. I don't even care about his history with children...I am just talking in general...NO ONE HAS EVEN LISTENED TO MICHAEL IN YEARS! His last album was a relative flop (for him). But now everyone is has Michael Jackson fever? I'm over it. But I bet John and Kate are happy that something else is taking up the news and magazine covers.

2. Do you guys watch John and Kate Plus 8? I don't. But, I have to say I don't like Kate's hair. To spikey. However, her tummy tuck is amazing.

3. Do you think you will become a thin snob once you lose all the weight or will you still have empathy for those still trying to lose weight the old fashioned way? I will always have empathy for those of us overweight...even if the day comes that I am not. But sometimes I find myself looking at people (now I am talking severely overweight people who have struggled their whole life, not those who just need to lose 20-40 pounds) and thinking why not surgery? I realize this is closed minded and does not take in all of the serious reasons why people do not chose surgery. I just think that I will have to work on my judgement.

4. Tracey's grandma died yesterday. She was 92 and her body was just worn out. She had been in the hospital since Friday. We were supposed to head to the boat Wed evening, but the funeral is Thursday afternoon, so we will head out after that.

5. I found a dress for Tracey's 25th high school reunion. It is July 25th. Its pretty hot I must say. I also bought some heals that I have no idea if I will be able to actually walk in. I will post those soon. I want to be the hot younger girlfriend. I am not shallow...but I never said I was deep either :)

6. I can't believe I havent blogged since Friday! What is wrong with me!

7. My hair dresser fixed my hair at no extra cost. Its lighter. Thank you!

8. I saw Tracey's ex at the hospital the other day. She has grown herself a big ol muffin top. I enjoy this...and I know that is wrong. But once when she was "showing her ass" she told me that when Tracey and I have sex it must look like a monkey humping an elephant. I told her that whatever it looks like he sure loves it! When I saw her at the hospital I found even more comfort in the fact I was wearing a great new outfit and jewelry. Ah, it's the small things.

9. Today I went to Kmart bc I am desperate for some tops. They were having a KILLER sale on everything. Good times.

10. Should I jinx myself by enacting the blogger curse and telling you I lost 4 pounds last week? I better knock on wood or throw salt over my shoulder or something!

11. Here are some pictures from a Junior Achievement luncheon I went to on Saturday! New dress courtesy of Target.

Friday, June 26, 2009


I went yesterday to my hairdresser for a trim and color touch up. Oh to be 29 and worried about gray hair. She touched up the roots and the color underneath on the backside. Last time she did my hair she made it a darker brown underneath. This time...she made it BLACK! I did not notice this until I got back to work! BLACK! UH-NO. I doesnt look natural on me at all. You can't see it unless I have my hair pulled up or forward over my shoulder...but still.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B

No. So, I called back and am going in today to have it fixed. This is hard for me. I am the person who doesnt like to return things to a store bc I dont want the customer service people to be mad at me! But I tip really well, and she didnt mention anything about black. From the front it is perfectly fine.

Why? What was she thinking?

Tracey's 43rd Bday

So now I can share Tracey's presents with you! First my mom and I went halvsies on and iPod nano for him. He didnt think he was getting any presents this year bc we are saving our money for the cruise....AND...he doesnt have an mp3 player of any kind. SO now he does. He was very surprised.

The present I have been working on for him for 6 months now was an I LOVE YOU BECAUSE book. I bought a little letter bound journal in January, and have filled every page with reasons why I love him...some pages I added pictures of us or him. Some I love you's were I love you put my hair dryer and flat iron away every afternoon and never complain, or I love you because when we went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button you didnt buy any popcorn...even though I kept blinking my eyes at you (I was on my post of diet and wasnt supposed to be eating it...but I really wanted it and he saved me). Some were more deep and profound. He loved it. He cried. I cried. Good times!

Rambo playing with his "kill"

YUMMY CAKE! And yes I ate a piece.

The I love you book

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I never told you!

I figured out why I wasn't pooping! I know you are can just call me Nancy Poo (you know, instead of Nancy Drew)!

Here is the culprit.

I was taking the Flinstone Chewable Gummies. They tasted pretty good...however...adults are supposed to take 2 a day. If you look at the ingredient facts though, you will notice that even when you take 2, for some of the vitamins, you are still only getting about half of what you need for the day.
So what was I doing....I was taking 4 a day...Turns out, 4 a day = no bathroom time for Amy. I stopped taking them bc I ran out...and now everything works as normal. I am still taking my prenatal vitamin for the hair loss. I dont know if it is doing anything but it sure makes my nails pretty!

Just wanted to pass on the info!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

An Ode to Tina

I have a band named Tina
And she's a saucy minx
Sometimes when I eat to fast or eat to much
I end up over the sinks*
Sometimes she gently reminds me
That if I eat like a pig
I will never rock a smaller ass
And I will always be this big
Sometimes she squeezes my esophagus
And makes me want to cry
But I should have know better and not tried to eat
that wonderful greasy fry
Sometimes Tina forgets her job
And goes on a little vay-cay
Those are the days where I can eat
Anything, in any amount, in any way
For the most part though, we became fast friends
and we skip together hand and hand
As we continue down this road
The wonderful road of the lapband
Will I be a thin supermodel or wear a size six?
Who really cares and who really knows
All I am certain of
Is that I need to go shopping for new clothes
So ladies it's time to celebrate this tube
That hugs us on the inside
Throw back your head, let out a laugh
And enjoy this wonderful ride
*Its hard to rhyme with with me


Okay, I know no one asked my opinion...but since it is my blog I can give it. I was reading through the introductions on LBT and someone said that they haven't told anyone about their band...including their husband. She told him she went in for Hernia surgery.

This is different from NOT telling people. This is different from choosing NOT to tell coworkers, etc. This is lying to your partner. And I think that is horrible. What if something went wrong and you needed medical attention and your husband to help? I just can't imagine keeping such a thing from someone you love and share your life with.

Of course, I guess she never said she loved him in her post. It just bothered me.

Okay...thanks for listening!

Deep Thoughts By Amy Handey

Do you guys remember on Saturday Night Live when they used to have deep thoughts by Jack Handey? Here is an example of a few:

If a kid asks where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to tell him is, "God is crying." And if he asks why God is crying, another cute thing to tell him is, "Probably because of something you did."==========

If you ever catch on fire, try to avoid seeing yourself in the mirror, because I bet that's what REALLY throws you into a panic.==========

Whenever I see an old lady slip and fall on a wet sidewalk, my first instinct is to laugh. But then I think, what if I was an ant and she fell on me. Then it wouldn't seem quite so funny.

Now, my deep thoughts aren't as funny today, but this is what I have been mulling over lately.

Have you ever stopped to think how many good choices you make on a daily basis in regards to our band? A lot of the times we think about the food we shouldnt have eaten or the mistakes we made that day...but as I was driving to the movies yesterday...I realized how well I am really doing! I could eat candy all day long if I wanted. I could have eaten popcorn, drank pop, gotten a huge bag of peanut butter M & M's. I could do this everyday. On my way to work everyday I could stop and pick up something tasty and naughty from McDonalds (like I used to do). At home I could gorge myself on slices of cheese, crackers dipped in Ranch, Oreos, ice cream, etc. But I dont. I don't do any of those things even though my band would let me. And this says something! This is why are band is a tool. This is why this isn't the "easy way out". We make positive and healthful choices everyday. And for that we should be proud girls!

Also, do you guys remember the video blog I posted with the sassy dress I got from Sears? The black one with the huge sequins on top? It was a size 16, originally $98 and I got it for $14? runs a little big and I tried it on. It totally fits. That's good...but I was going to wear it for our cruise which is over 2 months away. I don't think it will fit. What if I never get to wear it?

Also, I am very quickly running out of tops to wear to work! I don't have the money to go shopping right now...although I might have to cancel my dental appointment so I can afford to!

I saw the Proposal last night. SO much better than I thought it would be. Very good.

It's HumpDay ladies!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Time to Scale Down Monday is official weigh in day and after my pouting all week...I managed to lose 2 pounds. So...I am happy about that.

We did bootcamp today. Check that off the list.

This weekend we went to a balloon festival not to far away. I had a tasty little treat called a Funnel Cake. Not to worry my wonderful bandsters...I didnt eat the whole thing, I just shared it with Tracey. It was Yummy Yummy Yummy. It was crazy hot that night. Even after the sun went down it was in the 90's.

Nothing much to report beyond that! This week is Tracey's 43rd bday and I have a few things up my sleeve. He doesnt think he is getting any presents bc we are saving for the cruise...but he is getting 2 presents. One I have been working on for 6 months (I will tell you after Thursday), and another one that my mom and I went in on.

Monday is over! WEEEEEEE

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Have You Punched a Wall Today

This week I have worked out the hardest since surgery. Since completing my 5k in early April, I havent really exercised much at all. But I decided I needed to embrass this hurdle of exercising, because you can't deny it is part of changing a lifestyle.
So, 2 days of bootcamp and yesterdays sweatfest volleyball games. I am on my period, but on the last day. I have been eating right. Not too much, not too little. Watching the snacking and salt. Drinking tons of water. I have even been pooping on my own almost every day (golf claps). So I got on the scale today....and it is UP 2 POUNDS!
I almost punched the wall.
My official weigh in is Monday, but still. So frustrating. And I hate how that I let my weight set the tone of my day.
I then headed off to Old Navy bc they had their tank tops for $2...and I wear them a lot on the weekend. Let me just tell you...IT WAS MADNESS! People were lined up before they opened. It was like the day after Thanksgiving. The gates opened and there were 3 big tables with tanks. You would have thought they were giving out gold chains or something. I refused to elbow people over tank tops, so I waited for a hole in the crowds and managed to get 2 tank tops. I wear XXL, and usually they have a limited number in those that was a bust.

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Volleyball Showdown

Today we had a Safety Fair at work. This includes a volleyball showdown between departments. I watched from the sidelines last year. I played this year. I had a blast...and it was a great workout! The first game was outside. It was 98 degrees here in Florida today...without the heat index. We played at high noon. We won our first bracket. This is what I looked like after.
We played in the Championship bracket and got our butts WHOOPED! But I was still happy afterwards. Here we are with our second place medals.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Walk Softly and Carry a Big Wand

I was sitting here twiddling my thumbs about what to post today...and I didnt come up with much.

Here is a picture of my wand. I got it for Christmas from my mother. It makes noise and lights up and the orb thing twirls. It lays on my desk for several reasons. One must realize, upon entering my office...I am a princess. AND...everyone loves it because it makes them feel like princesses too! Even the maintenance guys play with it. So, I just thought I would share.

Let's see...what else.

I think an interview is in order. I will interview myself.

Amy: Have you snacked today?

Self: Actually Amy, I have not. I have been busy at work and hadn't really thought about it.

Amy: That's kinda weird for you huh? Being busy at work.

Self: I feel like you really know me Amy.

Amy: What would you do professionally if you could choose any profession?

Self: Pole Dance

Amy: Besides that?

Self: Tough one...but I guess I would love to be a personal style consultant, interior decorator, or lottery winner.

Amy: I see you are wearing a dress today. Are you also wearing your miracle power panties?

Self: I am....How did you know that?

Amy: One more question before we go. Everyone is dying to know...what kind of deodorant do you use?

Self: Good one Amy. I use Degree Clinical Strength.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Since No One Will Amuse Me

Since hardly anyone is posting today, I will have to keep doing it myself. JEESH! Here are some work pictures taken last week. Stars are my signature shape (i.e. ROCKSTAR, SUPERSTAR). Here I am posing with our new Star Cap.

Forgive Me Father...For I Have Sinned

I drank a can of Sunkist.


Death by Hamburger

Yesterday for lunch I brought half a grilled chicken breast we had made the night before. I made it about 2 bites in and it was stuck. Had to go to the bathroom and made some very loud PBing sounds....worried my coworkers.
For dinner last night I made a shepards pie casserole. Its super easy and yummy. Very Kansas. Very meat and potatoes. I take an 8 x 8 dish and spread gravy on the bottom. Then I spread a pound of extra lean hamburger meat that I have browned with onions. I top that with corn, peas, and carrots (all out of a can), and then sprinkle a little cheese. THEN, I top that with mashed potatoes and a little more cheese and I bake it in the oven for about 20 minutes just to marry everything together. YUM!
Anywho, I took about 2 bites and totally don't even remember chewing. Needless to say off to the bathroom I go. I proceed to have the worst throwing up episode to date (even worse then those damn popcorn chicken bites). But the worst part....a piece of hamburger got stuck in my throat! I was choking and gasping for air. I kept gagging and coughing and after about 30 minutes it came out. Clearly I didnt even chew that thing. It was scary!
I have learned my lesson about chewing and going slow...finally. And Tracey has learned he must come and check on me during these episodes to make sure the angle of death hasnt whisked me away.
I am so glad I didnt rush and get a fill after my pizza binge.
Round 2 of bootcamp tonight.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

For NENE...

and all my aussies....let me introduce you to sun chips and dum dums. Dum dums arent my fav, they just happen to be in the office. Sun Chips have been around for years but I have only recently found them....and I LOVE THEM!

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Suprise Visit To Bootcamp Land

I don't know how it happened...but it did. Tracey and I were over at the Activity Center where I work and we were working on free weights. Then, one of the staff (who happens to be a personal trainer) said " guys coming to bootcamp?" She has been trying to get me to come for awhile now. She is hardass, spiked hair, could kick someone into the next hemisphere (but very sweet too). So...we said sure! Or mumbled and averted our eyes, but we went. And it was HARD. A lot of running, sprinting (aka dying), weights, abs, more running, more death. We will do it again for sure.

However, this is what I really wanted to share. We had to sprint, really run from one end of the gym to the other. I have jogged before. I dont do it for very long, but I can do it. However, when I started to actually run...I could hardly do it. I am not talking about cardio wise.

But think about it...when is the last time you flat our made a mad dash? I can't even tell you when the last time was I actually ran! It was like my body didnt know how to. My legs and feet were so confused! It was the craziest feeling. Try it.

A Bad Case of The Mondays

Yeah! Monday is almost over!

Do you ever get tired of constantly talking, blogging, thinking, dreaming about food, calories, and weight loss? Lord have mercy I sure do! Do you think it will ever stop? Or at least calm down? Like if we get to goal do we still think about it ALL THE DAMN TIME!

With that said, I lost one pound this week. ahahah....that's better than gaining one pound. I am still marveling at how Tina let 4 pieces of pizza pass through, bc today I struggled to finish 8 chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-a.

I've decided I am not calling to get a fill ASAP. I read about everyone's struggles with being too tight I am just going to wait. I still have restriction and even more restriction probably wouldnt help me with my Sunchip addiction. I am going to apply this "the band is just a tool" nonsense and try to practice some self control! I type this as I sit here eating a dum-dum...but hey...they only have 10 calories!

Tonight we are going to go work out. Cardio is about as fun to me as going to Walmart after work...aka HELL! But someone asked me the other day if I thought my weightloss would be better if I did actually work out on a consistent basis...(you know who you are and thank you), and I have been thinking about that a lot. I dont know if it would. It would help me feel better and help my body for sure, but sometimes I get so damn annoyed with this theory that weight loss is simple math. Look at Catherine for example busting her ass at bootcamp! Calories in and calories out.

Did you guys ever read that article on LBT written by that crazy looking doctor who always wore Don Johnson pants? That was before LBT changed their layout...


Florida has officially become hotter than the center of the sun. The jelly's have invaded the Gulf. My sisters pool is the temp of molten lava.

I am moving to Maine.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Linda has gifted me!

LINDA! I got your shirts today! I love them. They are still a little small, especially in the booby area. Tracey's first comment was "You aren't wearing those in public". LOL...

I think as they get looser they will cover the Britney and Christina a little better. Here is a picture so you can see what I mean! It's a blow to my ego that they are a 3x and dont fit....but I will pretend not to know that!

I ate 4 pieces of Pizza

That is right ladies...4 pieces of pizza! I don't even know what to say or how Tina let this happen! Here is the deal. I have what I used to think (prior to 6pm this evening) was a nice restriction level. For example, I was able to finish a chick-fil-a chicken breast (minus bread) today for lunch but it left me feeling pretty full and def satisfied.

I should say I ate so bad today. I have mentioned that I am a corp trainer for my organization. Once a quarter we have a leadership conference here in town. Today's conference's theme was Star Trek. Here is my outfit.

Anyways, there are tons of snacks at these things. We scatter them on the table, put them out for morning snacks and afternoon snacks. I ate 100 calorie packs of stuff. Times a million. 3 packs of Sunchips, oreos, little candies. It was ridiculous! Then when we got home we went to a new local pizza joint and ordered a taco pizza on thin crust. I ate 4 pieces! Can you believe it? I didnt even get sick.

So my first thought was I NEED A FILL! But then I told myself I am not going to rush in to get a fill just because I was a glutton once. Tina has been working for me just fine....until today. On the other hand I don't think with proper restriction I should be able to ingest 4 pieces of pizza. Also, if I went to the doc and told him how much I ate he would probably give me a huge fill! So I am going to see how I feel this weekend. Maybe I will schedule a fill for 2 weeks out.

Bad Amy!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Here at work our time off is called PTO (paid time off). This is pretty common. Yesterday I had to take 4 hours of PTO. Do you know why? So I could go home and poop in peace! That's right....I took POOP time off. hahahahaha

You see, ever since I started taking these damn prenatals to help curb the hairloss, things have gone from bad to worse down in the poo shoot. Yesterday when I woke up and tried to go I had really bad sharp pains in my lower back. I googled it and did you know constipation can cause lower back pain bc that's where your intestines are? I did not know this. So anyways, I took a poopy pill around 10:00am and didnt want to chance that all systems might be a go while I was at work, so I took the afternoon off.

I am feeling a little better today!

Something happened in bed last night....(don't be scared). Tracey and I sleep pretty close to each other and sometimes he throws and elbow or two and cracks me in the head. Well last night I was dreaming about potatoes and onions (we had some for dinner), and felt this blow to my eye socket. He backhanded me right in the eye! HARD! I sat up in bed holding my eye and he didnt move. I finally woke him up and said " just punched me". He couldnt believe it. He started apologizing and told me that he was having a dream that we were wrestiling in cowboys boot and underwear and he accidently hit me in his dream. hahahahahaha funny. I have been milking it all day.

On the hairloss front...we went to the beach this weekend and took some pictures when my hair was wet...SWEET MOTHER OF ROGAINE! You can totally see my bald spot now.

Monday, June 8, 2009

From Left Field

I dont think I would have an arm lift to get rid of my bye-bye arms. Not until they figure out a better way to do it. The scar from my armpit to my elbow would be to heinous.

I just tried to sip a little Pepsi. I haven't had Pepsi since surgery, and was a runner-up fav or mine (right behind Sunkist, see blog title). It was GROSS. I had to pour it out. Funny how things change.

I need to win the lottery.

I need money to buy some new clothes.

I want to be a size 20 already! Jeesh! I have lots of pants in a size 20...but not very many in size 22...which is where I am and probably will be for another 20 pounds.

I just ate some sunchips. I am thinking about having a salt lick installed near my desk.

I am trying to grow my fingernails out. I am not really a biter...but if there is a rough spot or something I try to handle it by filing my nail with my teeth.

Which reminds me...did anyone ever read that post on LBT where someone asked if there would be a problem with swallowing bits of their fingernails while they chewed them? yuck. (I am going out on a limb and hoping that wasnt anyone currently reading this).

I like funny cat pictures.

After going on and on about not being a drinker, I did have a yummy margarita from Chili's Friday night.

ooh, and finally a question. Can we drink right up to before we eat? I can't remember the rule. Currently I drink right up until I eat...then wait 30 minutes after.

Mile Marker 7-0

Howdy ya'll! Monday is record weight day and I am officially at 70 pounds lost! You know how those 10-pound markers are the best! That is 31.75 kg is I googled it correctly. That doesnt sound as exciting as 70 though.

My next goal that I had set was 90 pounds by Sept. 3rd. I think if I stay on track I can make that. 20 more pounds in 2.75 months.

Also, I made a quiche for dinner last night. I had never really had quiche before, let alone made it. But it was kinda yummy and full of protein...and it was something different. The only problem with it is that it's not very filling...maybe because it is so fluffy. I didnt do it in a pie crust, I used the recipe for the Bisquick quiche instead.

Here is the recipe.

1-2 cups of your favorite fillings (I used chopped chicken breast, feta cheese, green onions).

1 cup shredded cheese

2 cups milk

4 eggs

1 cup Bisquick

Salt & Pepper.

bake at 425 for 35-40 minutes. I used an 8 x 8 pan.

Mix the eggs, milk, and bisquick together. Pour over the fillings you have already placed in the pan.

Thats it. So simple. I topped mine with sliced tomatoes and real bacon bits. But you could put whatever you wanted in this thing. I think it would be great for the mushie/soft food stage.

I hope everyone's Monday is going well!

Here is a pic my boss took a few weeks ago. I was going to cheat and crop it bc I dont like how my pants are baggy and I have a penis crotch thing going on...but I decided against it since I am always on my soapbox about posting full length shots. I got rid of those pants this weekend though....too big.

Friday, June 5, 2009

This Is One of The Reasons I Am Open About My Band

I never gave much thought to not telling people about the band. Basically bc you all know by now I am an open book :) There is no shame in my game. Also, if you tell just a few people at me...before long everyone at work will know. So I am just open an honest. If someone says, "Wow you look great" I don't say THANKS I HAVE THE LAPBAND. But if someone asks me HOW I have lost the weight, I tell them I was banded. I also tell bc I feel like we should be ambassadors of our band and help inform people (if they want to be informed).

So, Friday's at work we have our weekly staff meeting. This is a chance for all of the departments in Corporate Development to come together and touch base. Most everyone works in the same building, but some of us our housed other places. For example, my department has it's own building and its just the three of us here. Today after we had come back from the meeting I get a call from one of the ladies in HR. She is in her 50's, and overweight (I guess. I never think of her that way bc she is really stylish and knows how to dress herself to de-emphasize her weight).

She called me and said, "Okay I got to much have you lost and since when?" I told her almost 70 pounds and I was banded on January 27th. She then opened up to me about how she has been thinking about WLS bc she has gotten to the point where her health is keeping her from doing things. She has seen me losing weight and felt that it might be time to act. She talked to Deanna (my coworker who had gastric bypass), and Deanna shared my info with her. So I explained the band to her a little and then ended up sending her a long email with more detailed info. She told me that I was looking wonderful (which is always nice to hear yes?) and that she hoped I wouldnt lose my bubbly personality (I told her not to's only going to get worse).

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pass the Milk Please

Hello all of my lovely ladies! Thanks for the kind words yesterday. I am recovery well. In typical Amy fashion, I recover rather nicely from a crisis. Give me 20 minutes of the world is ending and I am better. A good cry or a good laugh can fix most things. I seldom get like that...basically bc I push everything out of my mind until it attacks me all at once...but I think that's better than worrying about everything all of the time.

I ate 2 chocolate chip cookies today. Bad Amy. But they were yummy and only one small blip on the radar of good eating.

For you guys that like the blue flower pots...I got them at Old Time Pottery. I don't know if these are everywhere or just in the south...however...I paid (or should I say TRACEY paid) just $20 a pot which is awesome since they are about $60 at Target.

I am going to go drink my water now, in my feeble attempt to wash away the sin. Sin...THY NAME IS COOKIE!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Big OH Crap

This is not a poop post.

Cindy is has told me in the past that when she is stressed or upset her band is tighter. Last night I came home and my flowers were dead. These flowers I planted over a month ago.

I dont know what killed them, but for some reason, for about 15 was the end of the world. I started crying. I starting passing out invitations to my pity party. I was a failure at growing flowers, at losing weight, at cooking, at saving money...PITY PARTY! This cry/sob fest lasted for about 20 minutes. Afterwards I got up and made some dinner. It was left overs. It was bbq roast and some mac and cheese. I had eaten plenty of eat the night before.

I took one bite of roast, one bite of mac and cheese...just to make sure the temp was right. Well...that was it. It was stuck. I pb'd. Several times. Then I REALLY threw up. The bad kind where you worry about your band slipping the whole time. Well, then I couldnt get water down. I couldnt get slobber down. This lasted until after 10pm. I threw up slobber one last time and then I was okay. It was not good.

Lesson From AmyYoda: Tread lightly when you are crying and being a baby you must. USE THE FORCE. BE THE FORCE.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Pics from the Weekend

What is funny about this picture is that I hate it because I have dangly arm. I told Tracey that because he loves this picture....I told him I didnt and pointed out why. He said I was crazy....that he didnt notice any of that. Gotta love him!
I started eating like crap this afternoon. Had a little bag of sunchips. Got home and I had been cooking a roast all day. Put the most wonderful bbq on it and shredded that sucker. I ate probably a full cup and a half of that and then ate 2 Fiber Bars! Ooopsie!

Promised Pictures

Me Skiing Back in the Day

Me Skiing Now...Do you See the Difference?

i want MORE

I am kinda grumpy today. Don't know why. Monday is weigh day for me (okay, I weigh EVERY day but Monday is the day I record it). I lost 3.5lbs this week. And wasn't enough to put me in a good mood. WHY?!?!

Friday I went to Zumba. Has anyone ever done Zumba before? Totally fun and HARD! Zumba is a mix of hip hop and latin dance moves paired with other basic areobic moves. High cardio for sure. I love to dance, and the entire time I was imagining I had made it to the choreography round of So You Think You Can Dance. It was a 45 minute class and I hung in there until about the 38 minute mark and then all of my steam was gone and I kept waiting for the cool down. My body was on fire for at least an hour afterwards. Thumbs up.

We didnt do Yoga on Sunday bc I am SPECIAL! Every first Sunday of the month is free yoga. Do you see the problem me thinking it was yesterday? Yesterday was only May 31st. NOT the first Sunday of the month. Oh well, we will go this Sunday.

On the poop front (look, I swore to myself I would not talk about my bowels as much, but this is a learning opportunity). I took a Ducolax yesterday bc seriously...I couldnt get anything to happen and I knew something needed to happen. I felt like a champagne bottle that had a cork stuck in it. Anyways about 5 hours later the magic happened, and let me tell you was wonderful. I havent felt that good after a bathroom experience in 4 months.

I will post pictures from the weekend when I get home and the pictures I found and scanned from when I was skiing as a little girl. We are going to lift weights at least twice a week...this should help me reach my goal of skiing once more!