Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Take A Little, Give A Little

I am not sure how many of you read Lacey's blog, but she has this amazing list of 101 things to do/accomplish in 1001 days. The first thing on her list is :

1. Get 5 people to register for the National Marrow Donor Program

I checked it out and I have registered. A cheek swab kit is on the way. I have thought about it before, but have never really looked into what it takes. I try to donate blood every 6 weeks, and I am an organ donor...so why not this? True that if selected there is a possibility they may harvest the marrow from my pelvic bone (I think), and that would require possible anesthesia, but...if I took knock out juice to have WLS, I think I can risk knock out juice to help someone else. According to the website:

There are two ways to donate. The majority of donations do not involve surgery. The patient's doctor most commonly requests a peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) donation, which is non-surgical and outpatient. If the patient's doctor requests marrow, marrow donation is a surgical procedure, usually outpatient.

So thanks Lacey for turning me on to this! I will let you know how it evolves!


  1. i registered when my cousin was diagnosed with luekemia years ago. it is such as easy way to be connected with millions of people - one of which might need you to live!

    way to go, Amy!

  2. I just Registered! Thank you for showing me the site!! I had never seen that on Laceys blog!

  3. Good for you. I would do this for anyone I knew but I'm not sure if I would/could be available for just anyone at anytime. I really makes you think doesn't it. If needed by someone I knew or loved then yes definitely. You are brave and a giver.

  4. Yeah Mary! Did you let Lacey know?