Thursday, July 30, 2009

What's That Nastiness In My Mouth? Oh, It's Poor Taste

So, I got a thank you card from my boss yesterday. Take a look at it. Should I be offended? have to laugh....but seriously? This is the thank you card you give to a big girl who has had WLS? A picture of a big fat girl "happily dying of chocolate"?

Knock Knock Puddin' Head!


  1. Does it ever just AMAZE you that you actually have to WORK under someone that incredibly goofy?!

  2. Oh dear. There just aren't words for that one Amy. No words.

  3. Holy crap.. who would PRINT a picture like that let alone give it to someone?
    You need to send him a card with a doofus on the front wearing a big pointy hat with a D on it for Dunce! lol.

  4. She is an Idiot...hopefully she will get transfered! lol, but really, she probably thinks you guys are just such good friends that you would get a kick out of it...when maybe subconciously she is jealous of your wl said it have to laugh, but seriously what the hell was she thinking?