Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy Monday Dudes

Well...Monday has found us once again.  And I need a nap.  And possibly a full body bamboo stick massage.  It's a real thing.  I've never had it.  But one day I shall.

We had a little race this weekend...the Ho Ho Hustle.  And it was..oh...around 4,623 degrees here in Pensacola, but I pretended it felt like Christmas as my face melted off of my skull.
 Me and my grinch.

Our group, minus Jon Jon (Rachel's husband...he was at the start being a serious runner).

Signing up for races is about the only reason I keep running.  And I really do use that term loosely.  I'm kinda like the Michael Myers of the race world.  He might be faster than me actually.  But hopefully we will never find out.  My foot is still broke, and gets a smidge swollen after a day of racing festivities...but who needs two working feet? Tough Mudder is coming back to Pensacola again in April...and we have signed up.  It will be our 5th Tough Mudder.  Sigh.  So there is that.

It's also holiday festivity time at work.  Ugly sweater contest was Friday.  I am not sure why this picture makes me look 5'4" and 192 pounds.'s distorted.  

Made this little beaut at 5:30 in the morning the day off.  I know what you are thinking.  I should start my own line.  I know.  I know.
Bowling has also started back up.  I would like to introduce you to Sylvia Sparkles the Wonder Ball.  We call her Sylvia for short.  Sadly, she failed me last week.  I could have been the fact that Sylvia was a Christmas gift from my sister who is bowling AGAINST us this season...or the fact that I did too much pre-drinking and barely knew which lane I was supposed to be on.  I will let you decide.

Hope all is well with you and yours.  Christmas will be here next week!  WHAT?! I think I am done with almost all my shopping.  Now, to plan the meal.  Food.  mmm.  Food. sidetracked thinking of Stovetop Stuffing.  Don't you hate on me.  I love that magical box of whatever it is.

My family is coming down next Wednesday to begin our shenanigans.  Then, a few weeks later...


There are a million little details I need to get taken care of...but hell...there is still a month left.  Plenty of time.  PLENTY of TIME!


Monday, December 7, 2015

Saying goodbye to Bubba

Thursday we had to say goodbye to Codie "Bubba" Clyde.  It was it is every time you have to make the decision to help your fur babies cross the Rainbow Bridge.  He was 10.5 years old and his body and mind were giving up.  We had taken him a few days prior to get "crazy meds" to help ease some of his anxiety and barking at the air...but a couple days later...he couldn't make it out the doggie door in time to handle his upset belly...and when he finally did make it outside, he would go to the bathroom but just lay in the yard until Heather carried him back in and cleaned him up.  This happened all night.  So at 6:00 am, we took him to the vet.  Heather had told me years ago, when I had to put my Shelby down, that she wouldn't be able to go back when Bubba's time I knew I would go it alone.  I feel like we owe it to them to be with them in the end...although it's so terrible when they take their last breath.  My sister came from work though and held me as I held him.  He was there.  And then we wasn't.

I didn't think I would miss that asshole as much as I do (and just like our kitty...he was actually kinda an asshole).  But it gets better as the days pass.  I still look from him when I get he was always on the couch or chair...stinking it up.  I just miss him.  But I am glad I got to love him.  And I know he was spoiled and loved.  We will get his ashes back in a few weeks.  Heather said we may not bury him, and that we might just dig Shelby's ashes up so we can take both of them with us when we move.  Sounds good to me.

So I will leave you with a few pictures.  He had the cutest smooshie face, often smelled like an old vacuum bag, and didn't want you to pet him until he decided he needed it, and then didn't want you to stop until he was satisfied.  His farts were unlike anything you have ever smelled and would hang like a black cloud over your head.  But he was ours.


Our last family photo...Bear's nose is on the left.  I'm glad we did this.  It was the night before the last morning.