Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Fill By Any Other Name

Well, come August 4th, I am scheduled for a fill. I don't know if I need one. I am leaning towards no...but of course a part of me thinks maybe just a *little* fill. I think my last fill was probably about - - pause while I look at the calendar- - WOW, my last fill was May 18th. That will be 2 and 1/2 months by Aug. 4th.

Pro's for getting a fill:
I can eat more now then after my last fill
I can eat a little faster then I probably should be able too
A little, just a little more restriction would be nice
I get to check in with the doc and wow him with my progress and listen as he tells me I am the best patient ever and Lapband wants me to tour the world promoting for them and I am going to become a millionaire (ah...if only)

Con's for getting a fill:
I have to pay $45. I don't want to if I dont really need one.
I risk getting overfilled and then having to go in for an unfill (aka another $45)
I am still losing
I stay pretty satisfied from meal to meal, and getting a fill wouldnt help with my headhunger and cravings for junkfood anyways
I wouldnt be too tight for the cruise
If I don't go on Aug 4th, I probably won't go until Sept....and then what if that is too long?

Holy Donald Trump, I just looked at my calendar again and my fill is not until Aug 17th! In that case...I will keep it.

I should delete this whole post but then you wouldnt be privy to the workings of my brain!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. LOL your so funny...My next fill is August 11th!!! I need it! except for with chicken, Chicken is the devil.

  2. LOL... thank you for the laugh! You crack me up. Be careful... last time I got filled it was too much - by only .25 cc's. CRAZY! But just that much pushed me over the edge and it was NOT fun. Maybe you should wait until after the cruise so you can enjoy it without the worry of getting stuck and PBing at sea??? Good luck tho'

  3. Your fills only cost you $45!? Geesh! I wish! Mine are $150 plus another $160 for the office visit! Crazy. Thanks for all the laughs, I LOVE reading your blog. You totally keep me inspired!

  4. It's so hard that you have to pay for them, because it totally adds another level to the debate. If it was me I'd go ahead and do it and do just a tiny tweak - like my last one was .2ccs... Nothing but it's what has gotten me to this so very sweet spot. I'm pretty sure that 220 is coming - possibly even tomorrow morning and had I not had this fill I wouldn't have this wicked feeling of it going kind of easily now. So I say... I don't know. Talk to me again August 16th!


  5. Well...speaking from MUCH experience...if you have to think about it too hard on whether or not you need a fill then you probably don't. My last fill was so horrible I dont ever want to go through that again. Plus, since I got unfilled I will enjoy my vacation next week. I'm still a lil tight but I can manage if I work it right. Then too...DANG! $45?! I'm thankful to only have to pay $10 then I pay nothing if I have to go back and get unfilled (thank you True Results!). My next one is scheduled for Aug 4th when I come back from vacay and I will most likely get a fill since I have stopped losing....but only a teenie, weeny bit! :-)

  6. I would play it by ear, but unless you are 100% sure you need it, don't get it. Being overfilled is miserable!