Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sometimes I am Special

I love everyone who follows my blog and leaves comments! I try to do the same for those I follow and always want to return the favor. Brooke has left me several comments and I never took the time to see if she had a blog...and guess what...she does! A couple of you already follow her, but if not, and I know you love a new blog as much as I do, you can find her here.

She is in the pre-op phase. Oh the joys of that!


  1. Wow! I am touched and flattered! Thanks Amy.

    Your blog was the reason I started in large part. I really liked being able to see the pictures and I loved your honest description of uh, the physical components that can arise due to the band (ie poopy issues).

  2. I found Brooke's blog through you Amy. Oh hang on.. I pushed on her name when she commented.. thought I was going mad for a sec.. oh hang on....

  3. Thanks for telling about Brookes blog, I will follow, and is Tracy really 136 lbs? Or were you "joking" around again Amy??

  4. No linda...sigh...tracey is really 136 lbs. Sometimes he is almost 140...but when he gets to 140 he feels fat. That's why when everyone is talking about weighing less than their husbands...I am pretty sure that will never happen for me :0)