Monday, August 10, 2009

Weight a Minute

I was terribly naughty this weekend and because I believe in full disclosure I shall disclose!

Friday night we went to Red Robin and I had my usually chicken tortilla soup (320 calories). Not bad. But before the soup I ate some onion rings (minus the onions bc I don't like them...I pull them out and just eat the crust).

We went to see Julie/Julia. True story about a blogger who decided to cook her way through the Julia Childs cookbook. Meryl Streep and the actor who played her husband (she was Julia) were adorable and their relationship was a wonderful romance. Good movie!

Saturday for breakfast I had a sunkist (gasp) and one reeses peanut butter cup. THEN, when we went to Walmart...we finally broke down and bought these....

In the ice cream section of Walmart. They come in a six pack. This weekend Tracey ate three...and I ate three! OH BOY! They were damn good ladies! I also had another sunkist on Saturday and some fried pickles yesterday.

Today, shockers of all shockers...the scale was up 2 pounds. And bc today is official weigh-in day, I had to change my ticker to reflect that! DARN IT!

Too bad bc I ate really well and made positive choices all week and then messed it up with the weekend. is Monday and its a new week! Let's do this!


  1. It must've just been a dangerous weekend! How else could you explain both of us binging and gaining 2 pounds? It wasn't us at all!!! :)

  2. I was just talking this weekend about how I've never had a Klondike bar and I wanted one!!

    Looks sooo good.

    don't worry about bad weekends.. i've been having a bad summer (nutritionally speaking, lol). It happens, haha.

  3. I had to buy the oreo Klondikes and surprisingly that was a good 3-4 weeks ago and there are 3 left in the package and my daughter ate one!!! I just wasn't impressed I think. I'd rather have a plain old ice cream sandwich I think!

    Oh well, today IS a new day. How'd you do?!

  4. Tiffani-that is impressive! I have been a good girl today. Worked out. And instead of a klondike I had a sugar-free pudding for 60 calories.

  5. Holy Metamorphisis...peanut butter, chocolate AND ICE CREAM! Who thinks of these things? I'm sure the extra weight will be gone by Wednesday and you'll be on the downward slope again.

  6. You guys over there have the most interesting food. That said, I can now buy the Reece's Peanut Butter Cups over here at a specialty store - and OMG I love them. I'm a peanut butter addict (but I try not to feed it.)
    I'm with you on the bad weekend. Actually I've had a bad eating week! Feel like crap but now on the bandwagon again (after today that is.. have a lunch to go to.. argh) It never ends x

  7. I would be more apt to think that the gain came from that TOM instead of the food. Even eating that, scientifically you would have had to eat 7000 calories more than you burned this weekend. Just food for thought!

  8. I eat my onion rings the same way! hahaha! Don't fret, you're fabulous, you will survive!!!

  9. Liz! I cannot read your blog. I can click on it, but about half way down, or about 15 seconds into it, I get this error box and it closes out your blog. This happens on my home computer and work computer...and only with your blog! I didnt want you to think I was ignoring you bloggin buddy and I wonder if anyone else is having this problem? has anyone been able to post comments on your blog?