Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hello, My Name Is Amy...and I have a problem

I have drank 2 sunkists this week. Bad Amy.

This is how I justify it in my head:

Since I dont drink alchee-hol:

It's like my glass of wine?
I dont drink beer so its like me having 2 beers?
The man on the corner this morning was drinking a beer at 7:45...can't I indulge too?

Shame...I feel like I should request a little brown bag for it. It is 300 empty calories, but what if:

I drink lots of water afterwards?
What if I count it as a meal?
As my form of coffee?

OKAY FINE! It's not a good choice. But I didnt name this darn blog Once Upon a Time in the Land of Cheese and Sunkist for nothing! And just in case you are wondering, yes...yes I did have a cheese stick with my Sunkist this morning.

On a positive note, I have learned to not overreact when I make these less then nutritious choices. For awhile, I would freak out...thinking "This is the beginning of the end. This is where I ruin it and never get back on track". That all or nothing mentality? I know I will get this out of my system, that I will continue to make better choices, that I havent fallen off the wagon...I am just dragging a little toe!

Is it Friday yet?


  1. LMAO!!!!

    "The man on the corner this morning was drinking a beer at 7:45...can't I indulge too?"

    I loved that one ;-)

    I am so happy to hear you say that every mistake used to herald the beginning of the end but that now, you've taken a more moderate approach-- I'll bet that really results in less mistakes overall.

    I'm trying to take the same approach to errors and avoid the all or nothing mentality, too. It really is counter productive- I'll use you as my inspiration!

  2. "OKAY FINE it's not a good choice" made me laugh! So you know it, you did it, move on with it right?! Good attitude ~ it's really not all or nothing ~ we make a bad choice here and there ~ it's OK! As my friend says "you'll have that"! Good job!! ;-)

  3. LOL I was bad all weekend. I had Chocolate milk and it was like 2 glasses. but it was sooooooo goooood.... lol

  4. We all do it Amy. I've been on the cookie dough, cookie band wagon. It goes down so smoothly. I'm going to get back on the wagon too!!

  5. Just call it 'two cans of heaven', enjoy it for all you're worth and forget about it. Instead of thinking "Damn!!! I just drank two cans of sunkist this week," think.. "Damn!! I'm so good. I ONLY drank two cans of sunkist this week - and considering how much I used to slug down, I think I need a pat on the back."

  6. I'm thinking Diet Sunkist doesn't get the job done, then? It would at least be a concession and not 300 calories, right?

  7. Oh it's ok. You will survive! You can conquer the sunkist!