Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I have a funny 'filling'....

Recap: got my fill yesterday. Roughly at 4.2ccs in a roughly 10-11cc band.

I had yogurt and a protein shake for lunch yesterday and last night I had some of Tracey's wonderful chili. Sweet mothergoose it is good. I ate about a bowl of it. And I was super full afterwards. Full in my throat kind of feeling, like if I were to tip over it would pour out.

I managed to hold on for almost 2 hours. Then it did come out. Well, just slobber. Thought that it was weird it took so long.

Amy thinks to herself at this point: This might be some tight restriction!

So today I had yogurt for breakfast and less chili for lunch. I was able to finish it, but it took me a good long while. Maybe half an hour? And I had to eat really slow. Oddly slow for me. But it went down and stayed down. I am eager to figure out my restriction level bc if chili gave me problems, I can only imagine what a piece of chicken is going to do!


  1. I can not WAIT until I finally have some restriction. I go in for my 3rd fill on Monday and I'm hoping that will get me close. Right now, I've had no restriction what-so-eva and it is hard! You look amazing and I love to read your blog...it totally keeps me going on this journey!

  2. Sweet Mothergoose, you are funny. :) I love the part about going straight to one ski. You are super amazing, Amy!!!

  3. CHICKEN IS THE DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
    Spegetti gave me the same issue yesterday.

  4. Thanks Mary and Bandita!

    Alexis-First...I didnt know you had a blog. I found it and you are beautiful! BUT...I cannot comment on ANY of your posts. I can click on Comments, but the white box never comes up :(

  5. That's weird! I will have to see if I have something marked that I shouldn't because someone else said they couldn't leave a comment either!

  6. Oooh that was kinda weird coming up again so late. Maybe the chilli needs to be given a miss.. *perish the thought!!* and yet...... lol

  7. Oh, but jeez, I had a piece of chicken kick my a$$ Tuesday night. I made 7 trips to the bathroom. I can't even remember being that stuck in many months. Oh, but it was bad...Mary said it best, "CHICKEN IS THE DEVIL!" Just kill it at the source of the problem...EAT EGGS!