Monday, August 3, 2009

I would like to sue. Yes?

Still on the topic of the dreaded Pensacola Lane Bryant. Probably 2 years ago I went into the dressing room and sat down on the little bench and something poked my butt cheek. I got up and couldn't really see anything so I pressed around and on one corner of square seat cushion, when the padding is pressed down, there is a screw that is sticking straight up and pokes you.

I went and told the horrible manager. They said something like *grunt* *hmph*.

So the next time I went in I went and checked it out. Dangerous seat still there. I did a survey on my receipt and mentioned this.

WELL, last week when I was there I went into the dressing room and noticed that the damn thing was still there but now the material was actually torn and ripped where the screw tip pops up and hurts people. I happened to have my camera with me and took pictures.

So, clearly...the question is now being thrown in front of our fair lawyer ladies Catherine and Bandit...can we sue? How about a class action lawsuit? lol. How many people have to be involved to form a "class"? If Mary goes and gets poked (hahah sounds dirty) that makes 2 of us. Is that a class? OOOHH...or what if Bandit goes and gets poked too! Then there is 3 of us! Should I go back and get it to make me bleed?

I will bring these people to courts. I will punish them for taking petites out of the stores. Tough love ladies. Tough love.

Of course, I will have to delete this post bc it can be used for evidence I assume.

lol...I am joking.



  1. OK, I'm totally not joking when I say this... Tell the manager that it needs to be taken care of immediately...BECAUSE if a customer with Hepatitis or HIV or any other blood-borne disease comes in and sits on that screw, the store is liable for putting any and all future customers that use that room at risk. Granted, Hepatitis lives longer outside the body than HIV does, but it's still a risk.

  2. I am ROFL!!!!!!! You are SO hilarious!!! I love your writing style!

    To answer your question, in FL, you need some type of damages to sue on. I don't practice in that area, but I do know that. Like Meg said, if a customer gets HIV or Hep and they can trace it back to the screw, LB is screwed (pun intended). :)

    They do need to fix that in case someone else gets hurt. Crazy since you have now given them notice with your *grunt* *hmph* and survey! Of course, if you or I got hurt now, we would know of the danger, so it would be more difficult for us to recover since we are aware that we need to watch out for it. Assuming Mary doesn't know though, sits on the screw, and gets a disease, she would be in a good position to recover (particularly since you have given them notice)....not that Mary wants a disease.

  3. I would have stolen the chair. Just pick it up, walk out of the store with it and see if anyone stopped you or cared. Take it to mall security, see if they cared, since some malls can be held liable for what happens in individual stores.

    But mainly, I would have had NO problem just walking away with the damn thing to see what they'd say. See... they'd have it on tape and it would have to be reported which is more paper work for them but there's no way that they'd prosecute and it would make everyone look dumb (including me, I suppose, but whateva! I do what I want! - Cartman voice there) but it would be on record how they didn't take care of the situation.