Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The F bomb and crappy lunch

I have been thinking about my little yummy lunch, just waiting for me in the mini fridge in our office, a wondeful leftover piece of heaven from last nights taco bake whatever you call it...

So I pulled it out of the microwave.  My heart fluttering. 


So what did a professional girl like myself do?  Said some phrase that involved go-to cuss word when I am angry- slammed a door, and got on my knees and cleaned it up like cinderella.  I tried not to cry.

This is karmic retribution from my sunkist isnt it? 

I wanna go home and go to bed.  The End.  Game Over. 



  1. LMAO!!!!

    So, what did you do??? I'm sorry to say, it does sound like Karma. You did say the Sunkist could replace a meal. I would be cussing too and maybe crying!! You're too funny Amy!

  2. I've done nothing but pout all day and think dirty thoughts about having more sunkist and eating candy. :(

  3. Shoot - and don't we always have karma hit us when we want something the most!! Sux. That said, I could picture you on the floor swearing and cursing and clearing up.. been known to happen to this little black duck too in the past - usually late at night after a few drinks (a marinated bowl of chicken pieces come to mind - splat - was not a happy camper!!)
    Big kiss to make it better

  4. Absolutely hilarious! But I also want to say "Awwwww" because I know how it feels when you are really Jonesing for something, have it right there in front of you, and then it was taken away! I usually put on a face like my puppy ran away (big pouty lip and large tear hovering on lower lash). This reminds me of something that my friend went through. She planted a basil plant early in summer, nurtured it everyday, gave it plant food and water, shielded it from too much sun, and was really proud when it grew very large at the end of summer. It was her first time growing anything edible and in a garden. When it was 'harvest' time, she carefully cut all the basil leaves from the plant, took them inside and washed them delicately, and began to make pesto and put it into little cups to freeze, so she would have it throughout the year until the next summer. She put all her ingredients, including the basil, into the blender, and began slowing blending. She realized she needed a faster speed, and then she noticed some of the basil clinging to the side. She inserted a spatula to clear it away, and it caught the blade, sending the ENTIRE amount of pesto onto her ceiling, her cabinets, walls, counters, her clothes and hair. She said she just stood there, frozen, and after about 3 minutes, made the lost puppy dog face. When she told me, it was 3 months after the incident, and was clearly still upset. Of course, I told her I felt her pain (while I was laughing my ass off!!!). So sad - so funny! Yes, I'm wicked.

  5. This to me sounds like you still have that emotional tie with food like I do. If we looked as food as, just for the nourishment ofour bodies, you wouldn't care of you spilled it. You'd clean it up and find something else to "nourish your body". but instead you were pissed b/c you wanted THAT food and THAT dish and you were HAPPY about it. Calm down, group hug! rinse lather repeat.... FOOD IS FOR THE NOURISHMENT OF MY FABULOUS BODY. FOOD IS FOR THE NOURISHMENT OF MY SKINNY BODY.

  6. I was so hungry yesterday, I would have been close to licking it off the walls if that happened to me....seriously, that sucks when that happens...more swear words would have probably come out of my mouth and i think I would have cried...

  7. momma-that is funny! It made me laugh and feel bad for your friend but it made me feel better :) Thank you!

    Liz-You are so right. AND it was also so damn good. Cheesy, meaty goodness.

    Roo-I thought about it. Really, I did.

  8. So true - especially the wrinkles = charachter part. I also wish I could go shirtless and bra less like men can - can you imagine the freedom that must feel like? SO much cooler! LOL. I absolutely hate boob sweat - and hate always having to wear a bra b/c of my boob size. I could just not imagine a world where they either stood up on their own or women could legitimately go shirtless! We should go ask the hidden valley ranch marketing team to think up what THAT world would look like! Oh wait....Playboy's marketing team already have....