Thursday, August 20, 2009

Reason # 672 why Amy is Special

Yesterday my mind was wonkie. I dont know if it was from lack of food, or bc the cruise is on my mind, but...I wanted to share a couple of special moments with you.

Yesterday we went to that training class, and we had to sign a roster. You find you name on the roster and sign right beside it. I found Amy Workman and then signed Amanda. In cursive. Nice and neat as the day is long...I signed Amanda instead of Amy. I don't even know why! There was no Amanda around. It was like I was possessed or something. I had to look at the lady at the sign in table and say "Thats not even my name". hahahahah I crossed it out and signed Amy.

Then, back in the office, my boss got a phone call. I heard her answer and it was our IS department telling her that my coworker's new computer was ready. So I say out loud, "Sounds like someone is getting their new swimsuit"! WHAT? swimsuit? I dont know what was wrong with me, I mean to say computer.

God bless my pointed head.


  1. I am literally laughing out loud at my desk at work. OUT LOUD. ahahaha.

  2. We all have those days babe. I think it's the lack of food giving energy to the brain. LOL

  3. you just made me LOL at work too. and then a spa guest called and i had to be naughty and not answer and my supervisor then came out and said why are you not answering the phone and i had to make up a story about a problematic booking.

  4. OMG I still cant stop laughing. Your so special. its ok we all are sometimes.

  5. Oh, Amy!! I feel as if we may have been separated at birth (even though I just celebrated my 20+17 birthday). Your blog is literally making me weep with emotion, especially the ones about feeling skinny on the inside and wanting the outside to match that feeling. I am scheduled for lap banding THIS COMING MONDAY at 10am here in Nashville. I am so excited, but also a little--a lot--terrified. I have been a nurse for over ten years, so I know too much about what can go wrong...but I've known my surgeon for years and I trust him. (I've been joking with him about how he must be doing the surgery so he can see me naked...finally...)

    I love love love your blog, and I think I might just love you! Please keep writing and sharing your honest, un-filtered wit. I am so proud of you and your loss....but I think I'm prouder of you because you are so confident and strong and positive and happy!! I promise I'm not a stalker...but I kinda want to move to Pensacola so we can hang out on the beach together!

    Not to get too deep, but I really feel like stumbling on your blog is a gift to me...I am so tired of people saying "you have such a pretty face" which I always retort "if you think my face is pretty, you should see my fine ASS!"

    Have a great day---

  6. hahahah...well I am glad I posted about the damn bean bc I didnt want to be too gross...but I figured if I were to warn everyone then we would be okay! It was amazing really. That, and for a second I thought I shot maggots out my nose. My brain doesnt make a lot of sense sometimes!

    Melissa-thank you for the comment! You can love me, and I can love you, and then I will ask Tracey if you can move in with us and I will tell him you have a great ass and he might go for it :) lol...

    My brother is in nashville and we were just there last weekend. he played at 12th and porter! You could have come to the concert! I love nashville, and would probably move to Tennessee next if Tracey would move! We went to the George Dickell (spelling) distillery and it is so pretty in the valleys of TN! Funny about the doctor seeing you naked...that would be kinda odd...but has a lot of potential for some funny comments and jokes afterwards.

    Again, thank you for everything you said. Amy needs lots of love to feel good!

  7. Angie-hahaha...problematic booking. I likes it!

    Amanda-maybe I was thinking about you subconsciencly (however you spell that)

    Mary-I miss you bloggin!

  8. That is hilarious!! I can't believe you signed "Amanda"! Maybe that's your port's name? :)

    You always crack me up! I am very glad that you have a blog and post these kinds of things. :)


  9. Amy darl,

    You're one of a kind and I'm glad we have you in our blogging life! Your brain is a little haywire right now but it's good reading for us xx

  10. I'm going to have to remind myself to pee BEFORE reading amy's blogs...prone to accidents while on liquids! You so crack me up OUT LOUD! keep writing

  11. OH MY GAWD AMANDA, errr Amy ;) How ridiculously hilarious! LMAO

    I'm glad you shared ;)

  12. lmaooooooooooooo! I can just see you in a damn hungry daze stumbling to the table and signing it and as your pen leave the paper, the clarity returns to your head. what? who? hahahahahahahaha! i wouldn't peed my pants laughing at myself if that was me. too good!