Monday, August 24, 2009

An Early Birthday Party

My birthday is September 8th, but because of the cruise, a coworkers bday, my bosses anniversary, etc...the only time I could celebrate the day I was brought into this world was this past Friday. For each of are birthdays at work we do something special of our choice. My boss wanted to throw me a little party at her house for some coworkers. We had a really good time, played Wii, ate some cake (amazing my tight restriction let was like a birthday gift), played other trivia games and just enjoyed each others company.

Playing DDR with one of the best Leaders/Managers of all time. Not my current boss. I usually dont like pics from behind bc I usually have "shirt is stuck on my ass-shelf" issues.

Tracey playing a Trivia game.'s me.

Opening some of my presents. Notice pointed toe. It just happens!

A toy for the office. We have lots of toys in our office. I am sweating here bc I just finished boxing on the Wii, and I dont know how to box on the Wii, so I just flail around kicking and swinging.
Nothing much else to report! My 7 month bandiversary is on Thursday. Do you think I can lose 8 more pounds between now and then to get to 100? Too lofty? LOL...perhaps!


  1. Looks like a fun party! I had a dream last night that we had a blogger get together in your town and we all flew in for a weekend visit and it was a blast. Hmmmmmmm. Thoughts?

  2. Y'all look like you had fun!

  3. You look hubby's b/d in 9/8 too :)
    Have you been on a cruise before?
    A few years ago we went on Christmas to Mexico
    Me & the Hubby, our BFF danny, my MIL and our 4 kids (well three plus his older son who is in his 30's) It was a great time!
    Happy Early Birthday!

  4. We'll have the same bandiversary date! YEAH! And hey, 8 pounds in 3 days,...have I mentioned LIQUIDS!! You could do it...but then the cruise would be more than stressful. You'll get there soon enough and slow and steady..right! Party looks like it was terrific.

  5. what IS that purple toy?!

    Looks like a great time :) we just get silly gifts like reed infusers from our bosses. Not fun!!

  6. That pic of you from behind, well you look really great - I wouldn't worry about sneaky pics from that angle any more! Honest Injun! And yeah, lol what is that purple toy? Your work atmosphere sounds like the best - who's boss usually throws a party for one of the drones.. none that I know of!
    and HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Sept 8th!!! In case we don't see you around for a few days then!

  7. Glad you had a good party! you look great from behind and even sitting on the floor, I still strongly dislike those pics of myself. You look so purrrrty!!!

  8. You look fab from behind, and definitely no ass shelf happening! It is great when you can celebrate your birthday for weeks...makes it more special i reckon....xx

  9. Looks like a lot of fun and you look great! I'm so dreading my bday this year...30...ugh...but rumor has it Bry is throwing me a party.

  10. Looks like you had tons of fun! I still havent played a wii before. My mom has one I just havent done it! lol Youve lost 92lbs!!! THAT IS AMAZING! You look fantastic!

  11. Happy early b-day :-)

    You look cute in the photos, yellow is a great colour on you, btw.

    8 lbs in 10 days, hmmm tough but I think you of all people will could potentially pull it off or at least get halfway there ;-)