Monday, August 17, 2009

They Tried To Make me Go To rehab...

*title of post has nothing to do with actual post. The song was just in my head :)

My, my, my....we have been busy little blogger bees over the weekend haven't we? WOW, it has taken me last night and this morning to catch up on everyones posts! But I have done it. Ribbon for me!

I just don't know where to start. With the good or the bad?

First, we went to my parents boat/house this weekend. I was determined to stay on track. Over the last month I have done really good during the week, and then blown it on the weekend. I would gain a few, lose them, then gain them, then lose them. Waste of time yes? So, with temptation looming, I was determined. Strong as an oak. During the 6 hour journey north, I didnt eat one bad thing from a gas station. I drank water. When we got to the boat, I ate a meal and no snacking for me all day.

And then....Saturday came. Did real good until we went to the movies (Time Travelers Wife) and at the movies I shared some nachos, a candy bar, and a little popcorn with Tracey. When we got back to the boat we had peach cobbler. YUM! Amy was in trouble! Captain was going down with the ship!

Yesterday on the ride home, the shi* really hit the fan. Big cookie, sunkist, peanut butter m & m's, TACO BELL, popcorn, apple pie. horrible was that?

So today I stepped on the scale....moment of truth....

I lost 5 pounds last week. hahahahaha! Imagine what I would have lost if I hadn't eaten that crap! But, it made me think of Angie's recent loss, and how she only loses weight in a 10 day window every month. It seems to me that I have 2 good weeks of weight loss a month. They are the two weeks that follow my period. What I think we can learn from this is that when I am feeling like I am failing even though I am making all the right choices...I just need to hang on and I will see the benefits. This is true with life yes? What happens is that after being good for 5 or 6 days and NOT losing weight, I have to fight really hard to not throw in the towel and binge. I need to remember that I may in fact be losing fat, but other things are showing up on the scale.

Also, I went in for my scheduled fill today. I think this is fill number 5. I love my doctor. He is really great. He has a doctor that he is training...her name is Angie. Anyways, when I walked in the office he was walking by and said "you are looking so good Amy! How much have you lost?"
I said 87 pounds! And he said "IN THREE MONTHS"? lol...I said no Dr.'s been 7 months already!

So he kept telling me how good I looked. I love going there bc they make you feel so damn skinny! We went through the usual series of questions:

Eating junk food? Yes.
Working out? Yes.
Back pain and joint pain better? All gone.
Still pee when you sneeze? No sir.

I have lost 45% of my excess body weight. I went from a 54 BMI to a 39.5.

I told him that sometimes I read on LBT that doctors dont recommend lapband for people as big as I was. He said the doctor he trained under believes that too, but not him. He says that the band works for the people that want it too...and that it doesnt have anything to do with how big you were when you started.

I told him about the cruise. He hesitated and wanted to make sure I wanted a fill. I said yes.

So, they withdrew just 3.2 ccs. I have a 10cc-11cc band. They put all that back and added another cc. So I am somewhere around 4.2ccs. I don't go back until right before Thanksgiving.

OOOH yeah! He told me that people have come into his office talking about me, how much weight I've lost, and how good I look. I don't know who these people are...but I can tell I like them already. I work for the health care system that provided my surgery. I dont work at the hospital, but here on campus. So, I assume these are employees that have seen me. I didnt share with Dr. Friedman that my secret goal is to be on Lapband commercials. He will find out in due time! hahahahah


  1. "Still pee when you sneeze?" LOL

    I do! :)

  2. Your doc's office sounds more fun than mine. Maybe my praises will be sung on this visit.
    Glad you're still losing... I've slowed a bit, but am doin my best to have faith in the band.

  3. Whew, to be rewarded for eating like that.. you rock girl!!!

    I always get sorta jealous when my clinic talks about having people talk on their website for "success stories." I wanna do that... maybe on day!!

  4. Amy - you look awesome in your jeans and t-shirt - wow!

  5. Amy- You look so great girl. And go you for losing 5 lbs! I still pee when I sneeze and cough, hoping it goes away soon because it's very annoying. LOL

  6. Amy,

    If I was thinking about getting a lap band and a bubbly, happy, sparky girl such as you was on the T.V telling me I could lose weight by putting a piece of plastic in my stomach I swear, I would probably sign up the very next day (or the day I saw it, but since I watch only night time TV the shop would be closed lol).
    I marvel constantly at how well you are doing and your blog reads are a bright spot in my day when I get to them. I just love everything about you!

  7. another fabulous one for you! (swim suits are mostly from walmart btw, but my boobage is smaller than yours). I can't believe that is your total fill. Mine is 4cc right now and my 2nd fill is in 3 days and I might end up w/ more than you. I'm amazed. I thought I was doing so crappy but if my cc's are near yours we must really be somewhere around the same restriction.

  8. "He told me that people have come into his office talking about me, how much weight I've lost, and how good I look. I don't know who these people are...but I can tell I like them already."

    Ha-ha, that had me laughing out loud!

    I'm down with the commercial, don't get me wrong, but, I think we need to go bigger:.... The Amy show!

    A talk show hosted by Amy! It would be a hit!

  9. The Amy Show, oh yeah! Nevertheless, you are fabulous and I have plenty of blogs of yours to read!