Friday, August 21, 2009

Getting to Know You...or me!

So I know there are so many new bandster bloggers out there and sometimes when we find new blogs we read from the very beginning, or sometimes we just jump and and get to know someone from the more recent posts. I thought I would share some information about me just in case you were wanted to know more.

I am 29. Born and raised in Topeka, Kansas. I am the youngest of 3 kids. My brother is 37, and my sister 45. My sister says I came out of the womb screaming "here I am, pay attention to me and take my picture". Some things never change :)

It took me 8 years to graduate college. I took a couple years off, worked full-time, changed my major three times. Majored in theatre for 2 years, then Education for 2 years, and finally Communication for 2 years!

After college, I got a map of the United States and picked Pensacola. Moved here by myself, never had been here before. Eventually my sister moved here as well. I am jonesing to move again. Want to go north a little, maybe to the Smokies.

Wasnt looking for anyone when I met Tracey. We met at Home Depot (where I worked in the paint department with my wonderful college degree). He worked in Electrical. I fell in love with him rather quickly. He is/was different then any man I had ever met. He knew his stuff and that is so attractive. He was at the end of a very sad 17 year marriage, and at times I didnt know if I could wait. But I did. And now that we can love each other the way we want, we appreciate it even more. He is 43, has 5 kids.

I am not a religious person. I do believe in the power of positive thoughts, kindness, and energy. If I were to believe in life after death, I feel the most connected to the beliefs of Buddhism. I understand other's need to believe and have faith. I respect that and love to learn about other faiths. Sometimes believing that this is it, this is our one life, is daunting!

I thought I was fat long before I was. By the time I hit junior high, I was a size 14/16 and had to have my skirt for drillteam/dance team specially made by sewing 2 "regular size" skirts together.

Sometimes I pee when I laugh. The last time this happened was New Years Eve a couple of years ago. My bf Lisa and I were on my parents boat playing a board game with my mom and dad. My mom was wearing her favorite gold lame' top, and had a couple shots of tequila. She was sweating, and yelling at my dad a very dirty word to get him to guess the word rug. It was so funny. My bladder concurred!

Sometimes I wonder about the people who read my blog that I dont know about. Do you ever do this?

Along that same thought, sometimes I worry that I put too much info out there. It wouldnt be that hard to find me if you really wanted to. But, with great risk comes great opportunity.

I have always been loud. I used to make new years resolutions that I would be quieter. It just isnt happening. Some people love that about me, other's...not so much. I can see how I might be annoying.

I never thought I would have surgery. It seemed like cheating to me. And then in November of '08 I went to a "meet the doc" with my sister. I was banded Jan. 27th, 2009. I have lost 92 pounds. I know now, it's not "cheating". It is an awesome tool...and sometimes it is really hard.

I love dancing. I love anything that has to do with the water. I sing all the time. At work, in the bathroom, in my car.

Sometimes I am so concerned with making others happy, I let people walk over me. I am working on this. It is hard for me.

This is my thought about life: It is so unpredictable. You can spend days, weeks, months...worrying about something that never happens, and the things you don't worry about...eventually do happen. So don't get bogged down in the "what ifs" and "should haves". Love with abandon. Laugh whenever you can, but never if it causes someone else pain. If you do good, you will get good. If you do bad, you will get that too! There will always be people out there, for whatever reason, that want to bring you down, do not support you, or do not understand you. Life is too short to care about these people. It is also too short to worry about what you look like in a swimsuit. So put it on, and do your thang hunny! People will remember your smile, humor, and heart more then your cellulite and fat rolls.

*I forget all of this every so often (see swimsuit thought).

Sometimes I eat strange things. The other day I had some croutons in my desk drawer. I dipped them on dressing and at them.

I cry a lot. At movies, tv shows, after a bad dream, Oscar acceptance speeches, reality shows...I am a very emotional person!

I prefer snow over heat.

I dont eat any type of seafood.

I dont like being drunk.

I love cheese.

I still love sunkist and have one every once in awhile.

I burp and say "I had surgery". Now, whenever I burp at work (yes, it happens...I only work with 2 other people though), my coworkers say "Surgery". I also say this when I fart. I dont do THAT at work, but around my family. Now, when I fart, someone will say "Surgery"...hahah


  1. Cute! And really... you like snow over heat... and you live in Pensacola. Hmmm... trying to make that connection! BUT - Tracey is there. So you're there for a reason!

  2. I love this!! I might do it on my blog if you don't mind me stealing the idea. I can tell by reading this that if we met IRL we would be great friends. Loud, farting, burping, peeing our pants friends. LOL
    I do have one question tho. Tracey has 5 kids, do you see them? Do they like you?
    Just wondering.

  3. It's crazy how alike we are. From being incredibly emotional (I cry at movie previews, just saw one the other day that knocked me out) to thinking surgery was cheating to having to sew two skirts together to make my cheerleading outfit and many more on your list. Yep been there, done that. No wonder I like you so much! ;-)

    Now if I could just get myself one of those Tracy's!!

  4. Thanks for the quick update! As a new bandster I appreciate it!

  5. You are welcome everyone! And Ramona, steal away girlfriend! Good question about the kids. They are 16, 18, 21, 22, 23. Corey is his youngest and has muscular dystrophy, and is bedridden. he lives with his mom and I have actually on met him once in the 2.5 years we have been together. Kayla is 18 and witnessed a lot go down between Tracey and his ex (her mom), and it took her a little while to come around, but now she likes me! I take her driving, help her with school work, etc.

    The next two girls, one lives here, the other in WA. The oldest one Brittany, is wonderful. She recently sent me a letter about how she has never seen her daddy this happy, how he is a new man, and how she never knew he could be like he is now. She thanked me for changing his life. I cried of course. The 21 year old is nice to me too, has a new baby, and a very controlling douche bag fiance. She is coming around, but talks to me the least. Tracey's oldest is estranged and hasnt made contact with Tracey in several years. Thanks for asking...probably more info then you were looking for :)

    Jenny-you had to sew skirts together too? it wa horrible back then. I bet they make the skirts in a size 16 now.

    Sarah-it was either pensacola or maine and my parents live in Alabama, so I picked here! If only Tracey would move to maine with me.

  6. I like the cold as well. I hate the Heat. If I could I would move north as well. I was in cheerleading in 8th grade and they had to put 2 skirts togeather as well and I remember being so embarrassed. You are so silly and sweet! I hope we get to meet soon!!!

  7. You are so just like I would have thought. Not too many surprises, except the moving and temps you prefer. I grew up in Miami and love some colder weather too. I don't think I'll ever pry Steve from Texas either, so I guess I'll be here forever!

  8. This was fun even though I'm not really a newbie anymore :) thanks for sharing!!

  9. So fun to know! Really interesting about the kids, I had no idea there were a whole slew of em :)
    made it safe to Toronto, tornado free, btw!

  10. I enjoyed reading this, I actually went thru and read all your blogs last week :) it was fun! We have alot in common, and you are a beautiful person inside & out. I am new to the whole bloggin thing, but think I will do something like this on mine, it's fun to get to know people.

  11. This was so great, Amy. Most I knew but there was a couple of things I didn't - i.e Tracey having five kids (and I LOVE the way you mention you fell in love - romantic at heart here!) This was a really interesting and fun post.
    You're the best xxx

  12. I should do one of these but I am too lazy...LOL! I enjoyed reading yours though!

  13. You are just super goegeous... what more can I say.. I love how you put yourself out there.. It is one of the most wonderful things about you..I love your honesty... and am damn envious of your fantastic weightloss..
    xx Nene

  14. You fart!? ;) Thanks for the ensight into Amy. I think I too may steal your idea.

  15. I love Marji and Al!! That was such a hilarious evening. I hope we can catch up soon!! I miss you!!!