Monday, August 3, 2009

Cruise update

Yes. It is one of those days that Amy posts a million times.

I have never been on cruise before. I am pretty pumped. However, did you know the following:
  • you can order room service...for free...24/7
  • you can eat whatever you want at dinner? order 5 kinds of desserts if you want?
  • they have a Death By Chocolate buffet at midnight?
  • a 24/7 pizza bar?

I wish I had only known this in my formerly fatty lifestyle. Doesnt it sound like a big girls dream?

Alas, I have left that lifestyle in the past. I can however look in my proverbial rearview mirror though and still see Fluffier Amy hopping up and down waving at me, albeit a little winded.

So what is a girl to do? DANGER CITY MY FRIENDS. I will be just 2 weeks out from a maybe I won't be able give myself over completely to gluttony...but you and I both know that liquid chocolate just slides right down :)

I expect I will gain a few pounds. And I am actually okay with that. I want to enjoy everything and not punish myself. I am just worried that I might go gonzo crazy.

Too late for that huh?


  1. I bet you won't go as crazy as you think!

    I dunno why, but while on a cruise I lost weight. I thought that was odd and probably an anomaly and then I went on a wedding cruise and yep, lost again.

    Even though it basically is a floating buffet I found the food was kind of cafeteria like- comfort food from a can. The first night is like, oh yeah, it's on. Then after that you find yourself craving good, home cooked foods with real flavour.

    Plus maybe because nothing is off limits I started feeling like, nah, I'll eat later, it's always there when I need it.

  2. We went on a cruise in December. I put my surgery off until Jan, so I could enjoy the cruise. It was wonderful, but even with my pre surgery self, I only gained like 5 pounds. They really space the 5 couse dinner out, so you have time in between couses and I think that is the key to eating right. You have time in between to feel full, so I felt like I ate less than normal. The buffet is where you have to watch out!!! You'll do fine, if anything, your going to get full too fast to enjoy to main courses, so just pace yourself. A few bites of this and a few bites of that!!

    I'm going on a cruise again in November and am curious to know how it goes. I would hate to be too tight. If you feel too tight, I'd get a slight unfill before going, but if you're at the sweet spot, just enjoy.

    They always have a buffet, but the sit down meals are very nice and you can sit down for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Can you tell I love cruising? I used to love it for the food though. I don't know how it will be as a banded person.

  3. When we went on our cruise, I gained 5-6 pounds but that was pre-band. Not sure how I would do now, but we'll find out next year. I think the important time it to utilize the calorie burning activities as much as you do the food. Our boat had an awesome gym, rock climbing wall, pool, plus all the on shore activities. You'll do great!

  4. I love lobster and would eat a lot of that if I were you! Course, you may get lots of good lobster there anyway! You will have a blast and I'm waiting for a cruise to Alaska for my first time! (on a cruise, duh!) It sure was a treat getting all your blogs today! :) thanks.

  5. Ok, go, have a blast, eat what you want because your fill will probably limit the amounts you consume. When you get home exercise like you normally do and no harm done! Enjoy every minute of it!!!!! Oh, and take lots of pics so you can post them and we can have fun vicariously through you. Lord knows with two teenagers, I can't go ANYWHERE!


  6. Amy - enjoy every minute. Order room service, go to the chocolate buffet... all of it! But you are going to CHOOSE to do it in much smaller quantities than you might have before. It is heaven - enjoy yourself and don't worry!!!

  7. Also at dinner in the dining room if you cant decide which entree you want you can get them ALL!

    That 24/7 pizza bar is what gets me everytime!

    I LOVE cruises!!

  8. Margaret Cho had a bit in one of her routines where she said her mother described the idea of heaven as being a big buffet where everyone can eat anything and as much as they want and not gain weight.

    I say, if there is a heaven, there better be a damn consequences free buffet! Perhaps similar to Caesar's Palace's one in Las Vegas.