Tuesday, August 11, 2009


As I have made rather clear over the last several months and 200 posts, I believe that my blog is not just about my lapband journey. I share whatever comes to my mind. I want you to know me. To know me is to love me (haha...not always)

So I thought I would share some of my personal thoughts with you. Here's one:

1. I want an engagement ring. And Tracey wants me to have one. That is not the problem. The problem is...and you might not have known this...engagement rings cost money! And while credit for some people is an option, we pay cash for everything. And half of Tracey's paycheck a month goes to child support, so after all the bills are paid, there isnt much left for fancy rings. And I want a fancy ring :) Ever since I was little, I have waited for that day that the man of my dreams slides a beautiful ring on my finger. I blame Barbie. You know how Barbie's left hand has that little hole in it for a ring? And you would lose that darn ring after about 4 hours of Barbie being out of the box? Well, Ken would always propose to Barbie. One of my most favorite Barbie story lines! I do not have the dream of a house full of children. But I do have the dream of the ring. I have the dream of the wedding. I have big ol' sausage fingers and a little baby ring would just not do. Lately all of Tracey's friends have been asking the marriage question, and we say that we have to get the ring first. And then I hear comments like "Oh, I just told Tom that all I need is a string on my finger". REALLY? Good for you. But this will be my first and last marriage. (bc if it doesnt work out then I will move to Maine, live in a shack with my cats). It's my dream okay? Do you know what my boss said when my coworker and I were talking about how rings? "I just not that shallow. I would rather have a boat or something." SHALLOW? I drive an old car and live in a fixer upper? And while I would love a boat...how expensive of a ring do you think I am talking about? And a boat doesnt last forever fool! Diamonds do! hahah

So basically. I have wedding fever. After the cruise, Tracey is going to fix up his truck (minor repairs) and sell it. Yes, the man is selling his truck to buy me a ring. I love him. Then it will be operation wedding, and we will have to save for that as well. Small wedding probably, but then a big reception under a white tent. You all are invited. You can come to Pensacola for vacation! However I am getting married in a cool month bc this girl does not like to sweat!

I guess this post was band related after all....wedding BAND related! hahaah...

Thanks for listening! I know everything happens in due time.


  1. Thanks for the invite, send me the details and I'll be there!!! We can all use a vacation in Pensacola!!!

    I can't wait to see pics of the BAND!!

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  3. Girl, don't you know we're all going to come??? At least we won't eat much. :)
    You sound just like my best friend who has ring/wedding fever too- but she's 37, so she's got clock issues too. Just an FYI they have layaway at Bailey, Banks & Biddle and Jared's (I know this from her.

  4. lol, wedding band related. I like the idea of his selling the truck. It will put some real meaning into your wedding ring. I wonder if your friend got that string idea from The Count of Monte Cristo movie.

  5. we are still paying on the engagement ring that i haven't been able to wear ever since i got pregnant. i was going to get it upsized but then i decided on WLS so no need to get it upsized then downsized. i pull it of of the box every once in awhile and just oogle it for old time sake.

  6. Okay - I'm cracking up at Linda's comment - 10 of us will be there, and it will only cost you the equivalent of 3 normal people in terms of food... LOL. You deserve what you want girl! And Tracy sounds like a real keeper. It'll all happen in good time. But you have every right to want it!

  7. Don't feel bad I was in the EXACT same mind set myself when DH and I were thinking of getting engaged. I did not want a little ring either, but since 1/2 of DH's checks go to child support too we did not have $6-7000 for a ring. We are cash or debit card people too. So I got creative and after hours of internet research found Moissanite (lab created diamond). We picked out the setting of my dreams (1 carat total pave diamond ring and band in white gold for $1500) and DH bought me a 1.5 carat center stone for around $1000 dollars and promised that one day he would replace it. It is 8 years later and after several offers to upgrade me, I cherish my ring and would not change it for anything. Heather

  8. Like the above commenter, my ring and anniversary band are both moissanite and I love them. When we married, I had a teeny tiny set because Bryan was just an airman basic at the time (aka poor). We upgraded but I opted for moissanite because I am SO hard on my rings and couldn't bear the thought of losing a real diamond (I have to get my prongs fixed about every 2-3 months if that says anything). I have a 2 carat white sapphire that was meant to be my engagement stone but I won't get it set...

    Ultimately, you have to be happy with what you get, so be very picky :).

  9. I remember a friend who had a BEAUTIFUL diamond ring that I thought was so perfect. She eventually confessed it was cubic zircon..I had no clue and who's going to know. I think you deserve a ring as fabulous as you are and I'm still laughing about how little all your bander buddies will be eating at the reception!

  10. omg when I find MY man, I will be the same way. I want it to be forever! I dont' mean gaudy though b/c my mom has like a 5k and she can't even wear it all the time. She takes it off about half the time b/c it's annoying! Oh and I would totally go for the "fake" one as long as it looks good. The ring is not about how it's made...it's about the moment, the relationship, and what it symbolizes to you.

  11. good thing you said we're all invited, because i was gonna come either way!

  12. Hi. My fiancé and I are in the same boat with you about engagement rings. I don't want a fancy wedding or reception, but the ring is the most important. I don't want a huge Liz Taylor ring, but something nice.

    We ended up at a pawn shop and found a fantastic ring at half the price you would find in the stores. Someone elses bad luck was good luck for us.

    We have it on lay away and make payments on it. In 6 months this gorgeous thing is mine.

    Yes. Blame Barbie

    Sharon in Whittier, CA.

    PS. love your blog. Was banded 4 months ago.

  13. Amy, you want what you want. If you want the ring, then wait for the ring. And bless, Tracey's heart for planning on selling that truck. That is love, hun!!!! What I wanted wasn't fancy. I wanted a solitaire, but good quality. I started with a 1/4, then traded up to 1/3, traded up to 1/2 and then stopped. To me it wasn't worth the extra money to go up, because it didn't matter to me. I never even think about it, and I have been married 19 years!!! Ugh, I feel old now. Oh, and think about how smokin hot you will look by the time of your wedding!!!

  14. Diamonds truly are a girls best friend....you gotta wear it forever so you gotta like it....and when you are old and wrinkly, you won't be able to see at a piddly tiny little diamond! Big dreams, big ring!
    and Amy I would love to come to the wedding (I will be in US next September/October, just a hint for when you are planning ;) LOL)

  15. Hey Amy-

    I just wanted to tell you that I totally understand about the diamond ring. I was right there- my poor husband. He was struggling to pay for his house and school and I wanted a ring...NOW! And I am not a materialistic person.

    I did want to also tell you about a wonderful ring designer named Tacori. The rings are to-die-for beautiful. Okay, so my whole point is that the wedding sets are gorgeous and are usually platinum set with diamonds. But, the center ring is a CZ. Shhhhhhh....... I know, don't scream. My point is that you can pick out a rockin' set with a CZ- just for now- and when you save up the money for a killer center diamond you can put it in. Noone will ever know it isn't real! That way you can have your gorgeous ring and you won't have to compromise. Just a thought! :) Oh, yeah, and there is always Craigslist.com You can find tons of rings that were never worn, due to engagements gone wrong. And with this economy you can probably find a very nice ring for next to nothing. Alright I'm done, but I am a bit of a jewelry snob so I LOVE to talk shop!

  16. I know this may sound strange, but you may want to look on Craigs List for a stone. A lot of people are selling diamonds (with certification) because of breakups, for financial reasons, etc. You may be able to pick up a good stone for at a good price, then have it set in what ever setting you choose. Another thing I reccomend is to find a diamond broker and see if you can buy direct from him. Dave bought mine from a broker that appraised for $2000 more than what he paid for it. It came in a simple setting then it took me months to find the right setting for it. I would love to send you a pic if I could figure out how. I love my ring!Please don't go to Zales, or Jarred. Those places are for the masses and there are no great deals there. Maybe you should research places in Miami and make a trip there. Probably lots of diamond dealers there. Have fun!

  17. Thank you guys for all the comments and suggestions. I am "fine jewelry stupid", I just buy costume jewels :) So, the thought of finding a stone, then a setting, or upgrading, or actually knowing what to look for will be a learning curve for me! Good thing I have some time huh?

    I should clarify that Traceys truck maybe will fetch $2000. And our price range is somewhere around there I think. We did actually go to a real jewelry store and I learned a lot about the ratings of diamonds etc. Intersting.

    I will for sure keep you girls updated!


    Oh and Roo-I was kinda thinking October. Maybe Oct 10th, 2010...so our date can be 10-10-10? lol

    We will have lots of bandster friendly food! haha

  18. Amy-
    I understand where you are coming from with the diamond thing. You should get exactly what you want and nothing less. My suggestion is do a lot of looking online at places like bluenile.com and theshaneco.com to see what the styles you like run.

    As soon as I read the invitation i was thinking....YES! Vacay to Florida and seeing beautiful Amy getting married. Count me in! I'll even eat before the wedding if it will save money for you :)

  19. Oooh Barbie, how much I miss you and your silky hair!

    Just had to get that out of my system. I too, was a Barbie girl.

    Loved the post. My DH is totally anti-wedding, anti-ring so all of that stuff was generated by me. I bought my own ring with my own money, after our simple civil service ceremony my family and I planned a reception dinner, etc etc.

    If it were not for me I think he would live in a cave full of books. So I totally get the desire to have something special that is a real object of his affection, so to speak.

    And who doesn't like sparklies!

  20. No big vacay for me, but I would LOVE to go!!!!

    Bandster-friendly food, not eating a lot, Barbie blame, boat doesn't last forever--Hahahaha!! I just crack up every time I read your posts!!!!

  21. Sometimes I comment you and I swear my comments get lost in virtual world, or something. But I'll try again :D

    I totally understand about the wedding fever. I never even wanted to get married and all of sudden I've been thinking about it more and more. It's not even legal for me to get married in my state though :D lol. Good for you for planning to get the ring you want.

    On a side note, my sister lives in Pensacola right now! She's there for specialty schooling (she's in the Marines).

  22. Awww...that is so sweet Tracey is selling his truck to get a ring for you...Now thats LOVE!!! I am also waiting for my ring...but since my sweetie lost his job I'll have to wait even longer :-(