Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Monday

Hello ladies (and possibly the stray gentleman)! It is Monday and I am proud to report I lost the lovely 4 pounds that I gained during "mama weekend", plus one more pound...SOOOO...I am 85 pounds. Remember my next goal is 90 pounds by the cruise (Sept 3rd). I can do it! I expect a few more pounds this week to fall by the wayside, then its Period Tzyme the week after that and I usually hold steady.

I get my 5th fill on August 17th. Do you guys remember how I was debating on whether or not to get it? Well, I am. My portion sizes on "good foods" like chicken, steak, etc have gotten bigger and I can comfortably eat at least 2 cups of food during meal time. I would like to trim that back a smidge.

Liz asked me to take my measurements, which as a good bloggin buddy I did this morning and they are at home. So I will post them tonight. She has a good point. I am not much of a numbers person but it's interesting to see that I am a size 20W and what that might look like with someone who has a different body shape.

At Sears this weekend Tracey got another lesson in fashion. I make him watch What Not To Wear with me and he now uses terms like A-line skirt, empire waist, pencil skirts, and espadrilles. Precious. But while we were at Sears I was trying on the Levi's 20W and they fit. Funny bc I have some Levi's 20's at home and those suckers barely zip and give me a megasaurus muffin top. NOM.

So he learned the very valuable lesson in what the W after a number means.

I am glad I can be of service.


  1. YAHOO!!!

    Can you send me your motivation, to get off these 2 pounds I gained last week?!

  2. Well done, Amy! It's funny how we stress when we gain that bit then whamo.. we pay attention to ourselves and working it off and suddenly it's gone....and in your case with extra. Good work :)

  3. My guy thinks I need to be on What Not To Wear....him and some of my co-workers. I'm hopeless.