Monday, August 10, 2009

A Thanks

Thank you girls for all the kind words in regards to my post yesterday. As usual, they made me cry, and feel warm inside :) I usually don't have a problem with pictures of me in a swimsuit, but I also dont usually see pictures of myself doing Russians, pikes, cartwheels, etc in a swimsuit. The fat was in motion.

But you all are right. Who cares! I was having fun and my body will continue to get better. Pa-shaw I say!

Also, my Auntie Flo came to visit perhaps it was PMS that made it so much worse?

Regardless...I love you!


  1. love YOU. and we're on the same cycle. it's like roommates in college.

    can you tell her to hurry up and get here? i'm sure she's just running a few hours late but mama worries.

  2. hahahah...I hear ya! I dont have to worry about that anymore since Tracey has had his snip-n-clip...and if I had a little bun in the oven it would either be another little baby jesus or I would have some explainin' to do! hahah

  3. You're very welcome Amy. We love you to bits and don't want you to feel awful about yourself. Always here to prop you up when that sneaky-ass niggly doubt hits you x