Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Name Change and New Blogger Features!


Apparently...dare I say...there is more than one Amy in the world (gasp).  I started to notice when commenting on others posts that there were other comments from me and I had no recollection of posting it!  hahaha....then I realized it wasn't me!  I should have copyrighted my

Anywhooo, I changed it in my blogger profile so now when I post it should show up as Amy W.  Hope that helps.

Also, while piddling in blogger, I discovered they have a new version of post editor.  It has tons of new features and let's you work with your pictures better.  For example, it doesnt put your picture at the beginning of the post, but right where your want it!  NICE!  In case you too did not know about this, just go to your dashboard, click on the settings tab, then the basic tab, then scroll down to where it says POST EDITOR, and make sure you have the new version selected.  If you click on the little hyperlink next to it you can read about the new features!  Fun times!

But I cant find spell check in this new feature...which could be a huge problem.  So if you know where spell check is please let me know!


  1. Hmm- I used to be pretty tech savvy but I cannot, for the life me get the new blogger functions to even appear for me in the draft version. I'll keep trying though, cuz I am so sick of my photos showing up at the top, on their sides. LOL.

    Although I'll really, really need spell check. My shitty spelling is epic!!

  2. LOL THanks for letting me know about the new version! :o)
    Ill try to find this spell check as well. I need it badly too.

  3. Oh, you're Amy W. lolol I thought 'Hells bells' now theres ANOTHER Amy??? Brain overload. I will have to get used to this new moniker.. it's like trying to match the new Amy with the old :)
    Thanks for the tip about the pics too. I just switched mine over. Let's see if it helps (wish it would help with side-by-sides too! Now that would be something.

  4. Cara-I know. I dont like Amy W. Should I name is Amy Sassypants? Amy Giggles?

  5. I meant should I change it to Amy Sassypants?

  6. I know that a friend of mine who has trouble spelling changed her roller derby number to F-7 because that's the keystroke on the keyboard which is supposed to check your spelling. Have you ever tried that? Plus, I use Firefox as my browser and it comes up with automatic spell check for most instances of posting in comments or emails. It underlines the misspelled word in red and then you right-click and it will give you possible correct spellings to choose from.