Monday, August 31, 2009

Warm Fuzzies

I havent read Angies latest blog post bc currently I am at work and the system is being finicky, and I can post but not read other blogs. ARGH. Regardless...I called Angie today at the old spa (it is so easy to stalk people today), and I confirm she talks just like she does on her video blog :) But it was fantastic to chat like long lost friends.

Other thoughts for the day:

Do you know what annoys me to the point of neck snapping someone into eternal sleepy time? Gum chomping.'s horrible. I want to say you are a 55 year old woman. Keep it closed sister.

Blog stalkers...the people you will never know that read your blog. I am pretty sure I have some anonymous readers and among them are Brad Pitt, the Dalai Lama, and Oprah. Lot's of possibilities there.

I still slap my own hand that I never pause to think how far I have come, bc I am too focused on reaching the next goal.

I have often wondered how getting food in our "little pouch" made us not hungry. It didnt really make sense because I always thought that food had to make it into our lower stomach before we could feel satisfied. Today while surfing the web, I found an interesting article from 2005 on NY Times and liked this description:

The Lap-Band, as the device is called, squeezes his stomach into a bottom-heavy hourglass shape with an upper pouch about the size of a walnut. Filling the pouch stimulates nerves that create a sensation of fullness. The small opening to the lower stomach slows digestion to delay the onset of hunger pangs.

When is the last time you hand wrote a letter and mailed it to someone? For me it was last fall, but isnt it wonderful to get a handwritten letter in the mail?

I am actually hungry right now. Physical hunger. That rarely happens since my last fill.

And we will end with a little known fact about Amy: I won, for two years in a row, a local chicken clucking contest. You know, for sounding like a chicken? I also do a fabulous barnacle impression.


  1. Hey gorgeous... I'm surprised that your surgeon didnt explain the little nerves in the top pouch that get stimulated , thus keeping you full.. If you think about how much food you would have to eat before to fill your stomach to the point of reaching those nerves, its amazing.. and brings you to the realization on just how little food you actually need to survive.. I used to eat like I was going into hibernation at any minute..
    I think yo should post a video of you doing your chicken clucking... gotta love it...
    And these anonymous blog stalkers.. I kind of get a lil bugged by it.. i think that if they want to get in and read your personal life, they should at least say hi..I thought of privatizing my blog to password protection.. but its a bit of an inconvenience to you gals to have to sign in to read my stuff..
    xx Nene

  2. Amy - I'm with Nene... I was SHOCKED when I found out that the feeling of being full only comes when the nerves at the TOP of the stomach are being hit... and when we (pre-WLS) had stomachs the sizes of footballs, that would make sense as to why we had to put in so much damn food!!!

  3. This was one of the reasons I opted for the lap-band.. the whole stimulating the nerves at the top of the tummy did it for me. It made total sense.
    Have a happy, happy day.

  4. Amy...I admit it, I am one of your blog stockers. I was just banded on August 13th and during the week of recovery I was desperately looking for answers to all my crazy questions and I stumbled upon your blog. Since then, I have read a good majority of your blog from the very beginning. I have to tell you that you have helped me so much. My surgeon had me on a 2 week liquid diet prior to surgery, and I am in the middle of week 3 of a 4 week post op liquid diet. thank you for the new bandsters advice, it was just what I needed to read. I have laughed so hard that I cried on a number of occasions while reading your blog. Sorry this is so long...I am 32yr old female from WA state. I started this journey at 304, started liquid diet at 295, surgery I was 275, and right now I am 263. I don't know that I could do the blog thing, but I promise I won't stalk your blog anymore! - Brooke

  5. Nene, Cara, and Sarah-I just cant believe that I didnt know this. Do you think most bandsters do? And I have been in the dark. It is some really interesting info I think! For anyone, not just bandsters.

    Brooke-dont be ashamed of being a silent stalker. You and Oprah are in the same group...that is some pretty good company! I am glad that you found humor and a smidge of inspiration in my blog! Congrats on making the decision to be banded! Good thing about coming out of the blogging closet is that when you have a profile you can follow easier!