Tuesday, August 18, 2009


If you remember, back in May, after a trip to the boat, I set a goal for myself (see post). I wanted to be able to get my ass up on 2 ski's. Then, I posted pics of myself skiing when I was a little girl. Slalom skiing. My goal was to be able to get up on 2 skis in August, and next year get back up a slalom.

I failed. I tried this weekend and although I was closer then back in May, the rope still pops out of my hands. I can't pull my body weight long enough to get up. I didnt pout, but when no one was looking, I cried. I don't like to set a goal and not reach it. And I thought I could do it. I am 88 pounds down, been working out, feeling good. It is two ski's for pete's sake!!!! Tracey's little ass literally pops up on the water. We probably won't be back up to the boat until November, so it looks like next year for my water skiing dreams. Screw two ski's, next year I am going straight to one. And when I do ladies, it will be a good day! Expect video.

But, I must brush my ego off and get on with it.

I also set a goal of 90 pounds down by Sept. 3rd. I WILL reach that by Monday (positive thinking there). So, it is time to set my next goal, and while I usually set my goals in 20 or 30 pound increments, I am setting my goal 10 pounds out this time...which will bring me to 100 pounds down!

October 12th. Fitting don't you think? It is Columbus Day. He discovered a new world...or an island...or something...and I am discovering a new body! (Okay, that was a stretch) My next goal after that will be my bandiversary, January 27th. I want to weigh 207 on that day, 120 pounds down.

Let there be light!


  1. Hugs about not reaching that goal. But you know you'll get there. I am pushing for onderland by Columbus day weekend, as I have a wedding that one. If I don't get there, I WILL by my birthday. Or shit will hit the fan. Love you muffin!

  2. Wow... you are such an inspiration to me! I just want to get to 50 before I leave for FL this weekend... You rock girl! I like the Columbus Day goal, and the goal for your 1 year anniversary. You'll get there without a doubt. And don't be too hard on yourself about the skiing... you were a LITTLE GIRL (a kid - not an adult)... just be happy you are even trying!

  3. Amy- Sorry about the water skiing, but I have a great feeling about hitting your 100 pound goal on 10/12 because that's my birthday! It would give me something to celebrate (because it sure won't be my age). In your honor a will bravely eat a piece of cake(if a still can)

  4. 100 pounds down Amy! That is amazing. I've never been able to waterski, or ski for that matter. I just fall and suck! I'm definitely adding skiing to my goal list this year though. Inspired by you. We can do it!

  5. I am sorry about the skiing. I can totally relate! My family had a boat while I was growing up, and I was NEVER able to get up on skiis. I used to get so MAD. That is also one of my goals- water AND downhill skiing again.

    We'll do it!!!! :)

  6. I just keep thinking about the cash your mom is gonna have to dish out! :) You go girl! I have a secret wish to learn how to ski, Steve used to love it and when we retire I think it will be in our future!

  7. You go! Right to one ski, and I can't wait to cheer you on when I see the video! Stupid two skis!! If it makes you feel any better, I have NEVER been able to get up on them -- even when I was in 8th grade and at a normal weight. I think it's more an upper body strength issue than anything else.

    Next year, you are going to look better on skis than Belinda Carlyle in the GoGo's Vacation video. So there! :)



  8. I might have to copy and add t his as my goal. I could NEVEr ski b/c I've always been overweight. Everyone else in my family was kick ass at it when we spent our summers on Greers Ferry Lake. So next summer I will attempt this one right along with you.

  9. Sorry to hear about you not making that goal, I have NEVER been able to ski, so you are still one up on me :).

    You'll make the other ones, just keep trucking along!! I am supposed to make 140 by my birthday...we shall see.

  10. Don't be to down on yourself about the skiing, you will get there and the day that you do, you will be smiling ear to ear! I can't ski at all (and with my track record with accidents lately, maybe I should black list it). You are doing so well and have total faith that you will reach 100 very soon.
    Thinking of you

  11. Looks as if you're not just going to achieve that goal, you're going to kick it in its rear! Reading your goals, seeing how and what you went through to achieving them is inspiring me. I stepped on the scale at my doctor's office when I had the post-op class today and was surprised to find that I was at 248 after weighing in at surgery at 241. I've been doing everything they said and even though the RN tried to reassure me that I'm still recovering from the gas I was inflated with and that my body is trying to hold onto everything I put in it (I noticed I was peeing less and I haven't made with the "Granny Smiths" since the Monday before my surgery), it still was pretty sucky to see.

    I have to keep my perspective in check. Still, as I sat there and we talked about our recoup times, I found it odd that the same device they have on display was now in my body. And that it's only been a little over 72 hours since I had the surgery. I have to be easier on myself.