Monday, August 31, 2009

Vlogging in my Undies

Hello. My name is Amy. Have we met? I feel like it has been forever since I have blogged, and I got a goold ol fashion tongue lashing from Angie (okay...that sounds a little dirty) last night on Facebook for not blogging, so in honor of is a blog with a video!

Angie and I were talking about different body shapes and how our respective bodies are holding up. I was thinking about taking pictures but instead took a video. Bootiliciousness in motion! I would also like to add before you view the video, that I almost didn't post it. Apparently, the old saying that the camera adds 10 pound is incorrect. I believe it adds 50. BUT, you know I believe in full disclosure so I shall share with friends

Sorry that the lighting is so bad. It didnt look that way on the camera!


  1. Love you sexy brave girl!
    I could never post those pics I sent you last night!
    You look hot, and again, I can't get over how diff we are! I just realized we prob won't get to actually meet till we're at goal - what a trip that'll be!

  2. Amy- You look beautiful and I have to say that you are the bravest woman I have ever met. I won't post my before pics until I hit goal. But I can say that your body confidence had helped me with mine some, so thank you for that. Have a great monday and I hope you have a great week. hugs

  3. I know...I took the video and I thought Poop Crap Shitballs I am not posting that, but I am still holding onto the fact that the camera adds 50 pounds. :)

    I really posted it bc you shared with me and then I thought maybe if I share, someone else might see that we all have our bad body bits!

  4. hahah Ramona! Thanks. I bet you post your before pic before you reach goal...:)

  5. oooh, and besides...maybe in another 6 months I will post another semi-naked pic and we will be able to see the progress!

  6. I love that you post semi-nudie photos and videos, seriously!

    As bigger ladies we almost NEVER get to see what other women in our size range look like in their undies and those Lane Bryant type plus size models really don't cut it at all.

    And now that we're all losing it is so helpful to see what other women look like, what's happening with their tummies, inner thighs, ass shelves and that odious roll of fat beneath our bellies (I believed it's called a pani?)

    I think you look great! Wow, your tummy looks amazing, I hope you really "get" how great you do look ;-)

    My inner thighs are gonna be a horror show, I think. Women in my family have battled the inner thigh demon for decades- even those at average weight, so I can only imagine what mine are gonna look like soon! And we have similar back of the thigh cellulite. That and my upper arms are gonna interesting....

  7. Brooke-thank you! I feel like I get how good it is looking until I see things like this video, but I will push that out of my mind. And I agree with you that we rarely get to see big girls in all their glory.

    Who would have thunk that a thigh lift might be the thing I need the most. Like "bye-bye" arms, but now I have bye-bye inner thighs.

  8. OMG you are brave girl! Thank you so much! I recognize that body! I have all the similar issues. I am most worried about the inner thighs, even when semi-thin they have been my worst feature! I hardly even look at them myself and always sport a swim skirt - so good for you doing this!

    I am getting banded TOMORROW!

  9. Amy. You are the bravest girl and I admire you so much...good on you for posting yourself in the nude (well almost). We all hold our weight differently (mine is more on top and around my tum and have no arse to speak of...actually I don't think I even have a bum, just flat!'s awesome to see someone else showing off their bods for us to view, shows how different shapes we really are under our clothes!

  10. Roo-thank you! I am not brave just a nudie at heart! Several of the girls in my family have pancake ass sydrome as well. When I was at my heaviest I had it bc my back leg fat just met the buttcheeks to form one long slope! haha

    Coloradomom-I still cannot get to your blog! I click on your name, which takes me to your profile, but there is no link to your blog. If you, or someone else, could post it here for me as a comment I would love to follow! Good luck tomorrow!

  11. Amy - YOU GO GIRL! You look SO GOOD!!! And I laughed out loud at the shelf comment... My hubby mentioned yesterday that my shelf is about gone. YAY! Have fun on your cruise.

  12. Shelf, or bubble butt as we call it here! I got the junk in my trunk and I think I'll be happy when it is a little lighter.
    I LOVED the vlog..thanks for your honesty!

  13. Amy, sometimes you make me want to cry at your honesty... but in a good way :)
    I just think you are beautiful.. in body and personality and I wish more people were like you. I think you're brave and sweet and well, hell, I'm just a GREAT BIG Amy fan and you can do no wrong in my eyes.
    Love you heaps!!

  14. You are just awesome, I can't wait to meet you someday!! I could NEVER be that brave!!

  15. I love you to pieces! I think you look fabulous. The best thing about your bod is that it's proportionate and fairly smooth. You have some dimplies but most seem to be smoothing out and you're still over 200 so that's super exciting! Maybe after I lose another 25 I will attempt a video like this. haha!

  16. Liz-whatever! Silly girl we are almost the same size and shape!

    Lacey-I promise to be wearing a little more when we finally meet!

    Cara-I heart you. Thank you for that comment.

  17. honey, i only wish i looked that good mostly nekkid! I have way more rolls and "things" hanging out (ha) than I'd like to share. I also have NO ass and i'd much rather mine look like yours and perhaps fill out a freakin' pair of jeans... is that too much to ask?

    you are fabulous!