Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Two Bloggers in a Bush is Better Then None in The Hand

That title sounds dirty. ahahaha

Anyways. HELLO EVERYONE! How is your Tuesday going. Mine is painful bc I am at work, and I need to do something about that besides bitch about it...but bitching is so much easier! But that will be for another blog entry another day.

Today I would like to share with you to blogger related stories.

First, I finally was able to watch Catherines vlog from last week. Tracey walked by and saw her talking and he said "She doesn't look like a lapband girl". Par-don me? I looked at him and said "What does a 'lapband girl' look like"? He quickly cleared it up and what he was trying to say (and these are my words now) was Catherine is skinny and doesn't look like those of us who might be...shall I say...a little more fluffy? I thought that speaks to Catherine's progress! And she had an interesting response back that basically one day soon we shall all hopefully look like we never needed the band!

Second, I had a dream last night. I have really vivid, detailed, elaborate dreams. I dreamt Tiffani tried to kill me. Granted, I was going to shoot her first, but I dropped the gun and she picked it up and pulled the dang trigger several times (no bullets, close call)! It was some weird dream (clearly) and I was running away cross country with two other girls and Tiffani was trying to foil our escape...she was bad...that's all I know.

I let Tiffani know on FB today. She wanted to know if she was skinny in my dream! lol...


  1. Mwahahaha :D Seriously though woman... what do you have against me that you were trying to kill me? I was only shooting back in self defense!!!

  2. PRICELESS!! I love that with all of that Tiffani wanted to know if she was skinny! Would probably be my question too! ;-)

  3. LOL I saw that on facebook and was like WHATTTT!!! lolol!

  4. lol I'm still trying to work out how you got the title from this post. Your mind works in mysterious ways, Amy!

  5. I love that comment by Tracey! If he'd seen me a few more months ago, he wouldn't have said that at all. Again, it totally amazes me that by this time next year, the same will be true of all of us! Crazy, right?! :) Crazy GOOD!

    LOL re Tiffani wanting to know if she looked thin, rather than why you had that dream!


  6. Hahahahah I love that asking if she was thin in the dream was Tiff's question.