Monday, August 3, 2009

My Measurements By Request

Bust: 47
Waist: 39 (I measure the smallest part of my stomach)
Hips: 50
Arms: 18
Belly: 47 (I measure 2 inches below my belly button)
Leg: 31

I am 5'4".
242 pounds.
Size 20W.


  1. This may sound strange, but I am so glad to say we are almost exactly the same. the reason I say that is b/c your pics are adorable and you in your bathing suit is cute as well! Your shape is cute! I know I have a fortunate shape, but I also have issues seeing myself the real size I am. Mine are:
    bust 46.5
    waist 39.5
    arms 15
    belly 45
    leg 31
    Haha! I should probably start wearing dresses b/c you look so cute in a dress! I haven't worn one in probably 8 years. Oh I'm 5'4' as well, just bigger at 260.

  2. I am glad we are the same too! And I totally understand where you are coming from. Yes, wrap dresses are super flattering on people with our shape bc they emphasize our smallest part! I can wear a 16 in dresses now. Isn't it funny though that you are 16 pounds heavier then me (not for long though), but are measurements are the same? You must have a lot of muscle mass...or a bigger head...hahaha...or more hair or something. But that means when you get to 242 you will probably be in an 18?

  3. It's gotta be the head! lol! bahahahahaha! Although I do have thick hair. I wonder, for real though, is it muscle that makes us different like that? B/c I was an athlete in school and I could drop weight quick by working out everyday, my muscles responded well. They haven't been lately but I've only been working out like 2x wk. So that's my fault. But yeah....I will stoked to be in an 18 b/c that's what I was from like 18 yrs old and up. so anything smaller than that and I will be having a heart attack every time!

  4. That kind of gives me an idea when I might be able to expect to land in a size 20, since we're about the same height, though I'm closer to 5'3".
    I have read your blog from your first entry and girl, I love it! I love that you've shared so much of yourself and you really give me hope that the band can work for me too.