Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You know you are a banster when...

So Catherine blogged yesterday (I think) about a thread on LBT called you know you are a bandster when....
This morning on the toliet I thought of another one.
You know you are a bandster when...
Everytime you poop, you calculate in your head the potential weight loss.


  1. LOL... or when you haven't gone for a few days you look forward to going just to lose the weight!

  2. OMG!! That is sooo true!!! And after you go, do you weigh yourself again??? I do!! I'm back from shopping and feel so much better. Something about fitting in smaller clothes puts this whole weight loss thing into perspective. I know I can alway go to your blog as well, to make me feel a little better and put a smile on my face............Wendy

  3. P.S. I saw your earlier post about the frustration of not nowing when someone responded to your comment or left a comment. I completly agree and think you should call Oprah. She gets things done!! Did you know you can add your email as a link on your profile page?? It doesn't help with alerts, but if someone wants to send you a message they can. Check out my profile page and see what I mean.....Wendy

  4. Thanks a lot Wendy and Sarah. If I dont go for a couple of days AND i havent lost...i always attribute it to water or poopy!

    Yeah Wendy! Smaller clothes are fun! I called Oprah, but her and Steadman are out with the dogs. And yes, I weigh myself in the morning after I make nice in the bathroom...I do this because just once JUST ONCE i lost a pound in the process :) People do say I am full of sh*&

  5. OK, this is just a funny note to attach to the poop issue from a book I got for my daughter about the true but gross facts about the body.

    Want to know why some poopies float? It's because they're full of gas bubbles that you couldn't expel as gas.

    Oh, and poop is brown because of the bilrubin (sp?) or stomach acid which gets added to that and what your other organs produce. They say almost every color poop is normal unless it turns yellow because that could mean kidney failure.

    Now you know! LOL... Kids love those gross books.