Monday, April 13, 2009

Death To The Easter Bunny

George Dickell Whisky Distillery in Tennessee

I can't blame it all on da Bunny, but Easter seems to have been a trying time for some of us bandsters...and I like to mis-place blame (especially when I am the one to blame) damn the Easter Bunny.

Right before the 5k I had that horrible experience with the popcorn chicken (so, a week ago Friday). When I weighed on Saturday, I was at 277. I think this was dehydration and throwing up...but I took it baby! Anyways, come that Monday I was at 279. After this weekend, I am at 280.5! ARGH!

This is frustrating because I felt like I was eating very sensible meals while in Alabama. Small, slow, etc. BUT, if I am being honest...the car ride lent itself to gas station snacks (sunflower seeds, a couple of cheetos, pringles, animal crackers, and even a sip or 5 of Sunkist-GASP). Shitballs. BUT I ate just a little...grazing...I KNOW!

So, today I am sticking to liquids and other light things. I had yogurt for lunch, some cheese cubes for breakfast, probably soup for dinner. I know that with the band we arent supposed to have to "diet"...but I need the scale to move down...not up! I also think my band is loosening up a little bit bc I ate small amounts of bread with several of my meals.

I have my who-who exam tomorrow. I have a cancer policy through work and if you get your sugarsnap exam once a year (aka a pap smear), they send you a $100 in the mail! Kinda like prostitution if you think about it. I am doing it for the money people. If only I could use the "I am a struggling college student" excuse :-)

Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Sexy hats we had to wear at the Distillery

Group Shot: Tracey, moi', mom, dad, brother, Rachel (brothers girlfriend)

Rachel and me posing with the Beaver*

*we went to The Beaver Bar in Nashville, which was supposed to be like Coyote Ugly's. Negatory ghostrider! I thought some hot bar dancing waitresses would be a good inspiration for me...the only waitress there was skinny and had no curves, no lovely lady humps or lumps, she had the body of a 12 year old boy. Disappointing!


  1. You are so funny!!! I'd do the "sugarsnap exam" (as you call it) for $100 too. That's a great insentive your company does. I too have the scale moving in the wrong direction, but go for my fill tomorrow. I said I'd do good today, but the easter candy is still calling my name. I can't wait until it is gone.

  2. I always love seeing an update to your blog, because I know I'm going to laugh out loud. I'd GLADLY get paid to have my exam! Damn... that is a good deal.

    And I hear you on the car snacks - they suck, don't they??? We had a 5 hour drive each way... thankfully, I'm holding steady. Now back to that damn exercise!

  3. You should write for a magazine. You are a really great and very fun writer. It is always enjoyable to check in to see what you are up to!