Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What Is A Possible Neck Injury for 200 Alex?

Meg's story that she posted in response to my Cyber Kisses and Many Thanks reminds me of two things...


This one time at band camp. Kidding. But it reminds me of a couple years ago at work. For about 7 years I worked at a school for behavior disorder children (if they get kicked out of regular special ed (oxymoron) they came to us. Well, the kids were out of the classroom lining up for the bus and some of the staff were talking about SOMETHING...I dont remember, but all of a sudden I said "I can do a handstand".

Look, I COULD DO A HANDSTAND. It just turns out that the last time I had done one I must have been about 50 pounds lighter then at that particular moment. So, I go over to the corner of the room so I can use the wall to lean against once I get into the handstand. I propell myself forward, looking like Nadia Comenici or Mary Lou Retton in their glory hands hit the floor, my feet go elbows lock...IVE DONE IT...


The minute my feet go up and I am in what looks like a handstand in the arms give out. They crumble beneath me and I pile drive the floor. top it off, I dont fall over...I am stuck in the corner upside down...stubby legs flailing in the air like an upside down turtle.

It was actually pretty funny and my coworkers really enjoyed it. It was a lesson learned...Arm Strength cannot support my body weight.


  1. If my humiliation can't bring a smile and chuckle to others...what is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

  2. A year from now you'll do it again...and succeed!

  3. I looooove this blog. You crack me up!