Sunday, April 5, 2009

And There Goes My Pride

This morning I woke up early...still on my high from my 5k. I walked outside, sat on the porch swing, and began to wave to the neighbor man across the that very moment...midwave...both chains on the swing broke. I (and the swing) fell straight down) Plop. Here is the ending position.

Sorry about the night shot. It took me forever to go take a picture...I was putting the pieces of my ego back together.
So, I had to go wake my boyfriend up. Here's how that went.

Me: "Baby"?
Tracey: "Hmmmm"?
Me: "I broke the swing".
Tracey: "Was that the loud noise I heard"?
Me: "Yes"
Tracey: "Are you okay"?
Me: (starting to sniffle, tears beginning to escape). "Yes, but it's embarrassing".

Tracey has been trying to be nice. He told me he bought stainless steel chain which is weaker than regular chain. Whatever. I have lost 50 pounds and now the damn thing breaks? It was the universe making sure I didnt forget that I have a long ways to go.


Oh...and he is going to buy some new "stronger" chain...I dont think I will be setting in that thing. I dont know how the neighbor man didnt pee his pants. It was very America's Funniest Home Videos.


  1. Hi Amy, Congratulations on the 5K and placing!! Don't worry about the swing. I could totally see that happening to me. I hate sitting on things like that and some of those plasic folding chairs at weddings make me nervous too. I loved your video blog too. Great job and keep up the hard work you'll be at goal before you know it.

  2. Amy - first of all - you rock girl! 5k... how awesome. It's a goal of mine, but I haven't started toward it yet. Just started T-Tapp, which is kicking my butt.

    I love your blog - it makes me LOL most days! And I've been there - broke a chair of my own a few times... (sigh). No more!

  3. Blow it off, gf. Tracey's right, it was a cheap ass chain and you are amazing. You are going to pass me up very shortly. I STILL NEED TO GET OFF MY LAZY BUTT AND EXERCISE!!! I haven't even gotten started back again and you are doing a 5K! You Rock!

  4. Oy! I went camping with some friends a few years back and broke a friend of a friend's camping chair. I dont think she was too happy with me! Talk about embarrassing! I still think that damn thing should have held me!

  5. Hello~
    Oh my I am so sorry hehe I started laughing at first when I was reading this one. Not making fun of you trust me I just started laughing don't know why, but then my laugh turned to tears and here I am sobbing away. It made me think that that would of been me, if I ever where to sit in one. I avoid those and plastic chairs, and so many othe rthings kuz of my weight. Once we where at home having dinner when my chair broke and I feel flat on my ass, i just sat there for about an hour crying my life away. I really really want to loose weight! I want te be able to sit in those swings and enjoy the evening. You are such an inspiration to me.