Thursday, April 30, 2009

Leader of the Pack

This weekend is Thunderbeach in Panama City, FL. Its a big bike rally held twice a year. I dont know if I have ever mentioned Tracey has a bike. I like riding on the back of about 30 mph. Anything over that is a tad scary. I am a "toodler". I think it has to do with:
a) Tracey is little and I am big and that's a lot of weight to deal with.
b) I am not in control of the driving.
Anyways, we aren't riding the back down there because it is about 2 hours away. So I have been trying to find something to wear. It will be about 82 degrees and sunny. It will be outside. And there will be a lot of people. Usually I wouldn't care too much, but Tracey's friends will be there and I want to be "hot girlfriend" for him. He always thinks I am hot...but I want to feel hot. In my mind I pictured a cute sundress, simple, maybe cotton. Maybe spaghetti straps. Sort of a maxi dress but knee length. This apparently doesnt exist in plus sizes. I came close at Target, but even the short dresses were too long for me. Lane Bryant was a bust bc lately everything they put out for casual wear is very old lady. Old Navy Plus is only online...and I didnt think ahead far enough to order something. I did go into Old Navy though and for shits and giggles tried on some size 20/XXL dresses. They totally fit throughout the body part(!!!) but not the boobie part. Not enough fabric for Christina and Britney (thats what I call the girls sometimes).
Oddly enough I havent lost any weight in my boobs yet. Strange, bc with weight loss in the past I have.
SO, I have decided to wear a white tank top and dark blue jeans. If it is too hot, I will wear black city shorts instead with some wedges. I dont really like the shorts though. I already own all of this so I think I will go find some rockin' accessories. I am thinking of a big long necklace, etc. I will keep you posted on that.
P.S. The bike fest isnt really anything I would do B.T. (before Tracey). Not really my thing. But he loves it and I love him (awwwww). So we will go. We went last year. It just involves a lot of bars and by the afternoon...a lot of drunk people :( We are going to try and not do that scene as much as last year...and visit more of the vendors etc.


  1. is there a cato shop near you? it might be regional, but they have cute trendy clothes for sizes 0-30! also, you might try fashion bug for something if you have that near you. I've also had good luck finding trendy things at kohls dept. store. Not sure if any of that is close to you. Either way, if you stick with what you own, I'd also spice it up with silver bangles.... I'd probably do jeans even if it was 100 degrees b/c I'm no fan of shorts...

    you'll have fun though, rocking your weighloss!!!

  2. We do have a Cato's. I buy some of my work dresses there and sometimes find cute shoes in wide width. We had fashion bug in KS, but not in FL. I will try Kohls. I havent been in awhile.

    LOL...I hear you about shorts! And even though I hate the thought of capris, I did own one pair that were kinda cute...but they no longer fit :) And its hard to find short people capris in plus size. But, I am thankful my clothes are too big...just still a little frustrating.

  3. How bout Torrid? They have some really cute young trendy stuff and it isn't too expensive. have fun either way!

  4. Nice bike, what's his ride? My hubby has a Vulcan that he's aching to get me on (he calls it my future bike, in the hope that I'll cave and let him upgrade. Cha!) I'm terrified to get on it, but secretly want to at the same time. I'm afraid of something happening while we're both on it though, especially since we have 3 kids. I have a feeling I'll end up on it sometime this summer, though. I think I'll feel better about it after I've lost weight and trust his sense of control a bit more.

    You're doing GREAT with the weight loss, and are a huge inspiration for me. *Big hug for your cute size-22-and-getting-smaller-ass!

  5. You will totally be "hot girlfriend!" I hope you'll post pictures (I know you will!).

    My husband made me promise before I had surgery that my boobs wouldn't get any smaller. :D I did promise, but we both know better! :D I do hope they stay relatively good sized though... I like them! :)

  6. Rock on Amy --- you already are the Hot Girlfriend!!! Attitude alone is half of it in my mind... Have a great time! You'll look fabulous whatever you wear.

    Oh - I haven't lost in my boobs yet either - hope I don't!

  7. OMG Amy my boobs arent' going anywhere either!!! Matter of fact, I went down a band size and went up a cup size. I had to freaking ORDER my bra at Lane Bryant, wtf is that all about?! So, kiddo, they may not go anywhere. I realize this week, that because of my girls, I may never where regular misses sizes. The shirst fit everywhere, but are OBSCENELY tight across the chest.

  8. I agree with Torrid. If you have one, it's like getting all the hip stuff they sell at Hot Topic but in plus size and a little bit more... well, classy. As classy as trendy can get for the big girls. After you purchase so much from there and have a Torrid card, you start earning extra coupons that they mail to you and get 5 percent off every purchase (unless they have double rewards days). I once got this incredibly cute hoodie/sweater with was black with comedy and tragedy faces on red cherries all over it. Had been 60 bucks, was in the marked down rack for 40, they were having a "take half off all clearance sale" and I had a coupon for 10 bucks off any purchase because it was my birthday gift from them for being a regular and I ended up only paying 10 bucks plus tax. And MOST of their stuff is quality. Just stay away from the t-shirts. Too thin and shrink too easily.