Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Toodling on LBT can be scary!

So, I was looking at one the posts on LBT with before-and-afters and I found this girls blog. She was looking good these days (It had been about 18 months since she was banded I think), but...after reading some more I found out that she had to have a complete unfill about a month ago bc when she went in for a fill, they put her under Fluro for the first time and saw that her pouch was very irritated. They asked her if she had been throwing up. She said no, but turns out that throwing up for her was a daily thing, and happened 3-4 times a day. I dont know why she never went back to her doctor to loosen up.
I would guess bc she was losing weight and loss sight of that fact she could be screwing her band up big time.
So, they gave her a complete unfill. In a month she has gained 25 pounds.
As I read her older posts, other things were alarming. She still drinks diet pop (soda). She throws up bc she eats too much and too fast, but doesnt change that behavior.
I know we all have issues with food. I just find it alarming when people totally ignore the rules and risk pissing off this little tool!
So, I will learn from that blog and make sure I am listening to my body and Tina.


  1. Holy cow - that is nuts. Why the hell go through this process if you're going to screw it up for yourself?!?!?

  2. When I was posting all my links on my Facebook page to get my friends to vote for me in the Lap-Band contest, a person I went to high school with emailed me privately to tell me she was 10 days out from having had the surgery. Because she's a Filipino, her family rags on her all the time about gaining weight after high school, college and a couple kids. So she went to Mexico to have the surgery because it was the cheapest place she could afford to finance it. She hadn't told anyone aside from 2 friends and then me because she was scared about how her family was going to react.

    I've kept up with her since then and sometime between Thanksgiving and Xmas she told her family and they chewed her out for "taking the easy way out" and then she says one of her brothers looked up the surgery to learn about it and began to judge her on what she was eating. Talking about what was supposed to be "right" if you have the band.

    I don't know how my family is going to adjust but I've been surprised that my mother was so supportive because she swears she had no clue I was bulimic in high school. At the time, no articles about the tell-tale signs (refusing to eat in front of people, saying I was a vegetarian in order to find reasons to reject foods, overexercising) but it hurts me that my baby sister remembers my behaviour then. She's slightly overweight with a major pear shape (tiny up top, big honkin' booty) but she swears that listening to me go through that turned her off of being on any kind of diet. She is lactose intolerant, so in a way she has a special "diet" too anyway.

    I'm scared to throw up because I used to do it so much at one point that my gag reflex wouldn't work. I'd sit for hours in agony when I had the flu because my body wouldn't throw up until the very last possible second once I stopped my purging cycles.

    I'm going to work my ass off at doing exactly what they tell me to do to avoid the vomiting. But I really feel like my mentality and the potential of throwing up food are going to be my biggest obstacles in the future with my lap.

    *Side Note: I'm still more comfortable sleeping in the reclined position of our Lazy Boy couch. The young people who moved in downstairs last November are making an assload of noise right now (it's 11:37 pm PST right now and I feel like an old lady for wanting to go down there and tell them to STFU!) and I know I wouldn't hear it in our bedroom (the layout of the complex has its good and bad sides) and I miss my skinny man's warmth, but we still can't snuggle to sleep which makes me kinda sad too. Sorry, I guess I'm catching the blues at this point too.*