Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One thing about blogger....

Do you know what we be nice? If blogger updated me when someone responded to a post I posted on their blog.

For example.

If I post on Angie's Blog.

And then Angie responds to me on her blog.

I have no way of knowing unless I go check that specific entry on Angie's blog.

Which...I have started doing.

But I would like blogger to do it for me.

Who should I call? Oprah? Obama? Octomom? Someone has GOT to have some influence.


  1. I have no clue how this stuff works. For sure Octomom would know. She is the queen of communication.

  2. I get an e-mail everytime I get a comment? Should I forward those to you? If so you need to come up with an O name for me, haha.

  3. Angie, how about Organgie. You can take it 2 ways. Either orgasmic. or organic! You can choose depending on the day if you are feeling sassy or natural. Organgie.

    Anywhoo. I get the emails too when someone posts on my blog, but I want an email when someone responds to a post I put on THEIR blog...on THEIR blog. Like when you just posted here on my wouldnt know I was typing this response if you didnt come back an check.

    You dig?

  4. Haha I do dig, and thanks for letting me know about this one!