Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well well...I didnt know I was dropping a B-bomb on everyone. I just thought we all had to take it. Even the gastric RnY patients I know who have different docs have to take it, although they get the shot.

I knew it plays a role in being tired and weak, but I did some quick research and here are some symptoms of a B-12 deficiency:

feeling weak or tired

pale appearance to the lining of lower eyelids

palpitations, fast or irregular heartbeat

faintness & breathlessness

hair loss (WHAT!!! If I had known this I would have been taking them for sure)

bruising without reason


long or unusual menstrual periods

These are my easiest pills to take bc they dissolve under my tongue and taste just fine! Sorta grapey.


  1. Thanks Amy! I'm going to ask about this on Monday when I get my fill. So far, none of the symptoms listed above (fingers crossed)!

  2. OMG!!! now I know what is wrong with me!!! (JK). I do feel tired a lot, have heart palpataions and fast beating heart at times for unknown reasons, I have noticed bruises lately and don't know where they came from (not horrible), and on occasion when I'm eating a lot less, I'll get dizzy. I'm going to Walmart to look into these b12 disolving things. Thanks Amy! and yes, I'm addictied to the blogs. I check regularly throughout the day. I was working earlier this morning (from home), so just now got a chance to check in. great info!!!

  3. Yeah, the RN who handles the dietitian stuff at Dr Billy's was big on the B-12 sublinguals (go under your tongue and melt, don't taste bad and really do give you a boost). Just make sure to check your mcs on them. The Trader Joe's brand I was getting were only $7 a bottle, but they only had 1000mcs per pill. I went to the local vitamin store (I think I mentioned them by now in my flurry of comments!) and for $10 I got the same amount of pills in the bottle, but 2000mcs per pill. They definitely help with the energy boost. Of course, I feel off and on tired because of the lack of calories with this liquid only phase (I only got in about 600 calories today and I know I'm supposed to be hitting a minimum of 800-1000 during the first couple of weeks, but I really only wanted my protein drinks back and am still concentrating on my water. I don't feel like I'm peeing enough either. Prior to the surgery, this would have kept me (and the bathroom invader cat Marley) on the toilet at least twice an hour. I am such a worry wart.