Sunday, April 5, 2009

Popcorn Chicken is Satan's Confetti

After work on Friday I went shopping. I ended up at Sears. I was just going to run in for some workout pants. I didnt find workout pants. I found everything else. For several months, probably before Christmas actually, I have been in love with this black cocktail dress. The bust section (empire waist) is made up of large black sequins. The bottom half of the dress is chiffon. I will post a pic. Anyways, it was originally $90. And I dont have an occasion for a dressy dress. Well guess what. It was on clearance for $17 dollars! How could I walk away? They had one in 24. Too big. So I bought a 16! LOL! I am hopefully going on my first cruise for my 20-10 birthday (Sept. 8th)...and I will need a dressy dress for our formal night. I dont know if I can be in a size 16 by then, but maybe an 18...and the dress runs a little big.

I digress.

So, after shopping I went to Walmart for some groceries. Tracey wanted some chicken from the deli. I hadnt eaten since 11am and it was nearly 7pm. So, I figured I would get me some popcorn chicken. Seriously, they are the size of a penny. They come in this cup, with a little flip lid. I thought I would try few on my way to the checkout. Big MISTAKE! I ate 3. I knew I was in trouble. It just sat there. Then it started to hurt. I started to take deep breaths. The sweat started to bead on my forehead. Seriously, the lady in front of the couple in front of me had so much in her cart, that it took two carts to hold the groceries bagged...and they had to call for help.

I started to panic. Did I ditch my cart and go throw up in Walmart's bathroom? I ruled that out. I probably stood in line for 10 minutes. Breathing. Sweating. Cursing my stupidity in my head. I checked out and started walking towards the car. At this point I was looking for a place to throw up. Bushes? No, I could make it to my car. I threw the stuff in my trunk, grabbed an empty bag out of my trunk, opened my door, sat down behing my wheel and threw up in the bag. Horrible. I made it home, threw up in the yard. Threw up for a few hours off and on. After this was all said and done, I took a tiny sip of water...threw that up too! I was really nervous at this point. So, I decided if I woke up on Saturday morning and still couldnt swallow water, I would go to the ER. I woke up fine yesterday. Had yogurt for breakfast and then Tracey and I went out to eat for an early dinner. I had a cup of soup and some of Traceys hamburger meat. Everything appears to be fine!



  1. dude! this scares the heck out of me. I still haven't thrown up at all....just things feel stuck and it hurts for a few minutes and after lots of moving around and stretching it passes. we gotta take it slow!

  2. Shrimp is too chewy/rubbery in consistency to eat, from what I was told. Luckily, I've never been a fan! But that still sucks. I once got sick from a night of drinking about 24 hours after the sober fact and did that sweating, going to pass out feeling in a store which had locked employee bathrooms. But I went ahead and puked in their front planter instead. Ha!